Does anyone remember a roller skating area at Fair Park? While doing some cleaning, I ran across a box of old things. There was a visitor's guide to Dallas published in the 50s by Stanley Marcus of NM. I guess it was handed out to out of town visitors at NM. It mentions various activities available in the Dallas area.
It says there is roller skating at Fair Park.
I remember the ice arena, but I don't recall roller skating.
I found this on a 40s timeline link that said:
1944 New Cotton Bowl Roller Rink opens.
I think it was located at the entrance of the Midway and closed in the 50s.
I don't remember every going there.
I do remember going to the Ice Arena in the 50s...many times. I was located somewhere around where the sheep shows are held now.
I'm getting all this from old threads...I'm tired of just posting "links".
The skating rink was at the front end of the old midway. I liked the music of the organ.
I don't remember Fair Park having a roller rink.
We used to frequent the Dal-Hi Roller Rink off of industrial. There were about 25 or 30 kids from
C.P. Russell that would meet there every Sat. morning.
When I received a pair of Chicago "shoe skates" for my birthday, I had really arrived.
That roller rink was owned by the Bert's, who still today have a burger place on the midway. Ask to speak to Nicky or Vera Bert. It was torn down to make room for the new Midway in the late sixties. I used to skate there as a kid, even was a skate boy at one time. Hope this helps.
My parents skated there as kids in the 50's.
The rink wasn't torn down until the early 70's. There were still roller hockey games going on there and I competed in a speed meet there in 1972. I had heard that the wood skating floor was taken out in sections and used as the skating floor for the regional & national championships at will Rogers Arena.
Re: Roller skating at Fair Park
September 29, 2008 08:38AM
My father worked for the Berts at the Fair Park Roller Rink in the late 1930's until well into the 1950's. The rink was attached to the automobile building. That rink and the automobile building burned down Feb 9-10, 1942, just two months after Pearl Harbor was attacked.
The Berts rebuilt near the Midway entrance renaming it the Cotton Bowl Roller Rink, which opened in 1944. It was torn down in the summer of 1974.
Re: Roller skating at Fair Park
May 18, 2010 12:33PM
I remember in the 60's there was an ice rink in Fair Park. I think it was called the Ice Capades Ice Rink.
Re: Roller skating at Fair Park
May 18, 2010 05:28PM
Who has memories of the ice skating rink at Fair Park in the 60's. I skated public session there almost every day (seriously) from about 1962-1966 - took private lessons. I knew just about everyone who skated there with any frequency. I have wonderful memories of that rink and the friends I made there. It was a great time in my life - I can still smell the ice in the rink! Anyone skate there that I might know?
Re: Roller skating at Fair Park
May 19, 2010 06:32AM
Here is a link to a photo from about 1960 which I think shows the ice rink.



Re: Roller skating at Fair Park
May 19, 2010 02:01PM
This skating rink was where the Ice Capades were performed? Correct? If so, then I was there every year growing up, as my family always went to see them annually.
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May 20, 2010 07:09PM

I recall a group outing from school or church at the Fair Park Coliseum ice rink in early 1950s. I may have made it around the rink about twice before spraining my ankle. thumbs down Guess I was thinking I could skate like a little devil like I did occasionally at a roller rink just South of Oak Cliff (I think it was named the Duncanville Roller Rink).

In about 1958-59, four of us went there in a convertible Jeepster in a very hot July/Aug. We didn't go to skate. We had double grocery bags with us that we filled with the ice scrapings from the rink. We then drove through the streets of downtown Dallas which were crowded with shoppers, tossing "snowballs" at the folks. I don't recall anyone getting mad at us, as most of the people were laughing. .....(stupid teenager, huh confused smiley)

Used to go often to the Dallas Blackhawk hockey games at the rink in the late '60s and usually took my 3-5 y/o daughter with me, as the wife couldn't stand hockey. I do recall that you could buy a "tub" or "bucket" of beer then for $5 and it was probably as much beer as about 4 that you can now buy at a ballpark for considerably more $$.

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May 21, 2010 12:52AM
If you were to come down the stairs at the main entrance to the Cotton Bowl on the Midway side, the roller rink was to the immediate left. The road around the staduim was between the rink and the stadium itself. During the Cowboys early years it housed the Cowboy Club providing mixed drinks and beer for season ticket holders and members, for a price. Great people watching there.

When Texas Stadium was built, the circular area on the west end of the stadium was supposed to be the new club, but it was never built for what ever reason. The Stadium Club was primarily for box suite ticket holders and housed the kitchen and commisary for the suites. IE, you had to buy your booze and food from it.
Re: Roller skating at Fair Park
August 14, 2010 08:52AM
where on industrial was the dal high roller rink located
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May 07, 2012 10:53AM
To Patrick Spreng,

My Dad worked at the Cotton Bowl Roller Rink, too, the one that was next to the Cotton Bowl. He was a skating instructor. That was in the mid 40's. It's also where he met my mom and they got married in '46. I remember they took me to tour it in the early 60's, after it was closed down. I don't know who they knew to get us in, but we got inside. He showed me the actual skating rink that skated on (I remember it was old looking, too - lol), the place where they used to check in for work, etc. I also remember it being tore down in the mid-late 70's. They made a lot of friends there, but I would imagine many of them are deceased, too. My mom died in 09, my dad in 92. Is your father still alive?
Re: Roller skating at Fair Park
May 07, 2012 03:05PM
I remember seeing the roller rink at Fair Park when we would go to the Fair in the 60's. My sister and I always wanted to skate but my mama would not let us. She said the crowd was too rough during the Fair. She preferred that we skate at the Rocket, out on Cockrell Hill Road. I also remember both ice rinks at Fair Park: the Ice Capades arena was over where they do the pig races these days. We saw the Ice Capades several times there in the early 60's. I took ice skating lessons with the Girl Scouts in the 70's at the Coliseum and used to go to the occasional Blackhawk game.
Re: Roller skating at Fair Park
May 07, 2012 05:25PM
You can see the roller rink in this photo from 1965


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July 17, 2016 05:07PM
My cousin, Johnny Collins, skated at that rink in the late '40s, and after that when he came back to Dallas on leave from the Marines. Evidently he had a close cadre of friends from that rink that he visited whenever he came to Dallas well into the '80s; although the rink must have been closed by that time. He had many happy memories of those times.

Native Dallasite, Hillcrest High '65, Texas A&M '71
Re: Roller skating at Fair Park
July 19, 2016 02:31PM
I "skated" at the ice rink in junior high (63-64). I believe the organist at that time was the legendary Miss Inez, who also played at several cafeterias in the area. It is a testimony to my pitiful skating skills that I clung to the barrier in one spot and listened to her amazing playing.
Re: Roller skating at Fair Park
June 23, 2017 06:29PM
Yes Joyce,

there sure was! I remember skating there many years ago. Just can't remember how old I was . Maybe a teen. Just remember
accidently skating right into the ladies restroom and getting out of there as quick as I could get turned around. I graduated from
Crozier Tech in 1961.

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