Gone but Not Forgotten
May 16, 2007 07:35PM
this is an old post revived.
full credit given to the orignal poster jasonw
and to cee cee for calling it to our attention.
i suspect these business span a few decades..and what in the heck was ketchum and killum on keist?
Gone but Not forgotten
Posted By: jasonw
Date: Thursday, 15 July 2004, at 11:09 p.m.
I copied this from another Oak Cliff type web site that some might be interested in looking over at:
BUSINESSES (i.e. "out of business but not forgotten&quotwinking smiley:
A&P Grocery Store (Kiest at Hampton)
A Harris Shopping Center (Kiest @ Beckley)
Aquarious IV Theatres (Polk near Camp Wisdom)
Aunt Stelle's Snow Cones (off Clarendon, Hampton) Still in business after 41 years!
Austin's Barbecue (Hampton at Illinois)
Ben Franklin (Kiest @ Polk)
Stamps Baxter Music
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 16, 2007 08:46PM
The Melody Shop Inwood Shopping Center/Northpark
Salihs Barbeque in Preston Center
Lantrips Pharmacy
The Record Shop in Walnut Hill Village
Lamberts Nursery
Sally B's Hamburgers
Prince of Hamburgers
Wyatts Food Stores
Commerce Street Newstand
The Delman Theater
The Wilshire Theater
W.A. Grants
Skillerns Drugs
Beef n Bun Walnut Hill Shopping Center
Rockyfellers Hamburgers
Ray Beene's Red Goose Shoes Walnut Hill SC
Inmans TV
Reeds Hardware
Doak Walkers Sporting Goods
The Rib Restaurants
SAGE Stores
Sessions Stores
Sterling Jewelers
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 16, 2007 08:50PM
oh wait! i think W.A Grant is a guy! ha!
the store in Walnut Hill Village was W.T. Grants.. i think.
also i think Lantrips Marsh Lane Pharmacy may still be in existance but at a different location.
and what about Western Auto, are they still around?
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 17, 2007 07:04AM
rather than wholesale copying of a previous post into a new message why not copy and paste the url into your post. Much more efficient and does not take up nearly as much disk space.
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 17, 2007 07:22AM
because i didnt want to.
No. It's W.V. Grant who is the guy. He's a
preacher who can heal you right on TV. I have
seen him do it many times. He's great at making
a short leg equal in length to the longer leg too.
I think his father was an old time Oak Cliff
preacher. Maybe he was W.A. I do not know.
W.V. started the Eagles Nest church. He got into
trouble and had to go to jail for a while.
I saw him at Tony Roma's in the West End once
right before he went to jail. He was real
friendly. He was then preaching at Union Terminal
till he had to report.
Greg Jaynes
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 17, 2007 10:54AM
Comment re posting url - you have to go to it to see if you want to bother with the matter or not. Often - i don't, and can find that out quicker if the post is one place in teh first place. And if I do find it of interst, there is is without fiddling with cut and paste and go somewhere else.
Recall most of those budinesses, most defimnitely including Bernie's Hobby House. He moved out on Wheatland Road for a while, but no idea if the business is still operating. Wasn't the same.
And of course - thinking of hobby shops, Bobbie Hall's place is gone and now so is Mrs. HAll - a great and gracious lady she was, too.
Thinking of downtown businesses -
Woolf Bros (formerly something else but can't recall what, suffering an old-timer's moment)
Cullum & Boren
the Elm Street newssatnd next to the PAlace Theater nxt to Russell-Stover
The magic and joke shop downtown - was it on PAcific? or LAmar? or what
Teh big free-satnding Sears stores on Jefferson, Lamar, and Greenville
The street-cars and interurbans
Everts JEwelry
Linz Jewelry downtown on Main - suburban/mall stores weren't quite like it
Smitty's Sporting Goods on JEfferson
Oh - Ketchum & Killem on Kiest was a sporting goods store. A good one.
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 17, 2007 11:20AM
When I worked downtown I had a ritual. At least once a week I'd leave my office at Elm and Griffin, walk up to the Elm Street Newsstand, pick up a copy of the Sporting News, then head over to Sol's Tuff Bar for a hot pastrami on rye and a beer then eat and read my paper for the next hour or so. I always tried to go alone otherwise I couldn't read my paper or have that second beer.
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 17, 2007 11:49AM
i loved that news stand too. back in my beatle days that would be the first place we went when we piled off the bus. they had all the latest beatle mags.
and clyde ohhh how i loved that great old magic shop! it was the most fascinating of all places! all crammed full of every kind of intersting thing.
my brother bought a little skull there that had a cigarette sticking out of his mouth. when you lit the end, he would puff puff puff that little cig.
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 17, 2007 12:25PM
Wasn't Sol's Turf BAr on Commerce? I recall it as being just west of (or maybe next door to the east) of the Commerce Street Newsstand.
Was the one next to the PAlace the Elm Street Newssatnd? I recall it wel, used to try and hit both it and Commerce Street to check for the latest science fiction paperbacks (and if I were in funds, I'd go to Cokesbury or Doubleday - or amybe even both).
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 17, 2007 03:40PM
Now that you mention it the newsstand I went to was the one on Commerce. And because it was so close to Sol's that would make more sense.
All the places are only memories now.
Ron, was Sol's the deli that was below ground?
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 17, 2007 06:59PM
you never hear about the AFFILIATED FOOD STORES anymore. did that association cease to exsist?
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 17, 2007 09:09PM
Sol's was at street-level.
Do you happen to remember the name of the place that was below street level?
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 17, 2007 09:50PM
I was just looking at the "Gone But Not Forgotten" list....and got a blast from the past.
Does anyone but me remember Jay Lee's.....on Jefferson??????
It sounds familiar but I can't place it at the moment.
Do you remember the Far East Cafe before getting on the bridge to go downtown? I feel incredibly blank at the moment but I can't remember if it was the Houston Street Viaduct or the Commerce bridge.
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 17, 2007 10:16PM
I think Magicland was at 409 N. Ervay...I used to take my son down there in the 70s. It was a trippy place...all those masks on the back wall.
It always seemed kinda dark and gloomy and spooky.
My son was really into magic and he would want to stay there for hours...cause the old man would show him tricks.
It moved later in the 80s to LBJ/Midway...it burned. It opened again at Forest Lane and Marsh in a shopping center. That closed...but someone said it's still in the same center only in another spot. The last time I was there it was just a magic store in a strip center...all the old "magic" of the Ervay location was gone.
It's sold about 3 different times. I think the old man in the store on Ervay was named Douglas..as in Douglas Magicland...I have an old catalog...that's what it says on it.
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 18, 2007 04:54AM
I didn't read the whole thread on this but does anyone remember Ben Morris Jewelry and Zinke's Shoe Repair downtown? Ben Morris sponsored "Your Hit Parade" on Saturday during the mid-40's
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