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Gone but Not Forgotten

Posted by debby 
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 18, 2007 05:30AM
oh yes steve i do remember those places!
i had forgotten their names till you said them.
do yall remember that man who begged who didnt have any legs and propelled himself around on a creeper?
i was so afraid of him.
remember that little fad in the 50s of a guy flushing himself down the toilet with the words underneath..."the end is near"
i asked what that meant and my mother said it was a joke. a joke??? i didnt get it! i still dont get it!
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 18, 2007 06:36AM
The only thing I remember below street level that was anything like a deli was the Blue Front German restaurant. It moved there from a Commerce St. location in the 1970s. Could that be what you're looking for?
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 18, 2007 06:51AM
Was the Blue Front on Commerce? I have this vision of it being on either Elm or Main, can't quite make the street come with confidence. But probably Main, my wonky old memory suggests.
I'm almost positive that it was on Main or Elm. The way I remember is that you could walk past and look down inside at people ordering food. When you sat down in there you could see legs walking by. I only ate there at lunch time and they had the best hot pastrami on rye sandwiches....The place always seemed to be crowded with businessmen.
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 18, 2007 07:07AM
I'm not sure where the Blue Front was located before it went underground. Could have been on Main. What I remember for sure is that the food wasn't all that good.
I'm positive what ya'll are talking about wasn't the Blue Front. Oh well...
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 18, 2007 08:01AM
so then maybe the heading should be changed to "gone and somewhat forgotten" smiling smiley
If I may add a few..from a SOC perspective:
Red Bryan's Smokehouse
Newman's Drive-in on Lancaster
Austin's Drive In " "
Weber's Root Beer " "
Crest Theater at Cedar Crest Shpg Ctr.
The Beckley Theater
Saner & Beckley Recreation Ctr(with some great summer dances)
The Lisbon Theater
Kiest Park Club House and summer dances
and on and on and on......
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 18, 2007 07:00PM
bill did you check out the original starting post on this thread? it was originated by oak cliff people. ill bet youll find alot of memories on there.
its kinda bittersweet isnt it.
I recall that when I was a young boy in the late '40s my mom and I would ride the streetcar from Oak Cliff to downtown. We'd meet my dad at the Blue Front for supper and then go with him to the downtown bowling alley, where he bowled on a money league with the likes of Buddy Bomar. I'd usually fall asleep on the streetcar ride home (as would my dad after the bowling and brews), and we then walked the four blocks to our house.
I know the name of that downtown bowling alley was mentioned several years ago here, but I've forgotten the name. ....Does anyone recall the name of the bowling alley.
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 18, 2007 09:56PM
If I may add a few"
no need to ask permission just post away
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 19, 2007 12:36PM
from an old post:
1957 Worley's Dallas City Directory:
Bowling Alleys:
Brantley's Bowling Alley, Inc., 1807 N. Harwood
for the whole post
Who would have thought there was a bowling alley in downtown Dallas at one time? That is so neat. With the way all the old buildings have either been torn down or received facelifts you would never guess.
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 19, 2007 01:24PM
That was my thought, too. I couldn't imagine a bowling alley in downtown Dallas. I guess that proves how forward thinking Dr. Criswell really was when he decided way back when that First Baptist Dallas should have a bowling alley.
Thanks, Carolyn, but that's not the bowling alley to which I referred. The one I'm curious about was located on one of the main streets (Elm, Main or Commerce), I think, right in the downtown area in the 1940s. .....The office workers downtown often went there and bowled while eating lunch. At night, it was almost always league play. My dad's team was sponsored by a brewery. They worked at the T&P office and often traveled by RR to St. Louis, Milwaukee, Kansas City, etc., to bowl in tournaments; with the brewery paying expenses.
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
May 19, 2007 07:58PM
fred i have never heard this before.
can you imagine them taking that amount of land downtown for a bowling alley?
we had one over here in lakewood called lakewood bowling alley (clever name) i have an aqua blue ashtray from there.
the building is now being used for TETER'S PLUMBING SUPPLY. Teters is a handy place to know about if you live in an old house with cranky old plumbing.
Re: Gone but Not Forgotten
August 01, 2016 07:33AM
I believe it was Hap Morse on Young Street
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