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70's Disco Club

Posted by Kat 
Re: 70's Disco Club
November 17, 2006 06:56PM
I remember it was first called Captain's Cargo. It was like Pier One sort of. It was also called Zebo's and it was a country bar before that.
Re: 70's Disco Club
November 19, 2006 08:51AM
Yes, that was indeed "The Point" on NW at Shadybrook. Next to the former Captain's Cargo and where Half-Price Books moved to later (not where they're at now in the old Sterling's building across Shadybrook.) I can still remember The Point's logo on the canvas awnings as you'd drive down NW Hwy, circa 1976....contemporary, bold capitalized letters where the top of the "P" in "point" was elongated and extended the length of the entire "point" name. That poor club's been a thousand different names since.
Re: 70's Disco Club
November 19, 2006 01:00PM
You are correct. There was a place called "The Point." It faced Sterlings Jewlery from the west. I used to live in Park Valley Hi apartments (behind sterlings) in 1976 and remember it well.
Re: 70's Disco Club
November 19, 2006 01:02PM
I remember it well. My sister was a waitress there. I also seem to remember they had a dress code that barred jeans.
November 19, 2006 01:16PM
I remember the old Chili's. Remember how they used to place most of their food in a wicker basket (before the health department stopped it)? They also used to sell their burgers al la carte and the fries were optional.
Soft Tacos... I never understand why they tood that original off the menu. I loved those!!
On another note; The Chili's where I live in McAllen, TX has a copy of the original menu and the prices posted (it is a varnished wood plaque). I am not sure if this is a system-wide thing or not. But it is really fun to look at. The Soft Tacos were on that manu too.
I no longer live in Dallas, but I was born and spent the first 36 years of my life there (until 1992). This board keeps those wonderful memories alive! Thanks everyone!
Re: 70's Disco Club
November 21, 2006 11:56AM
Was it near the old Half-Price Books (before it moved across the street)? Or further east on NW Hwy?
Boy, this thread really brings back the memories. I certainly remember the Point and the #3 Lift. I also lived in the Barcelona Apts (the flight attendant meca) in '68-'69. Those were the days. I also remember a Duane Thompson who graduated from Kimball HS in '61. Is he the same one who owned the clubs or just had the same name? I also remember Milo Butterfingers on Greenville Ave. My best friend was one of the co-owners.
Re: 70's Disco Club
August 11, 2012 11:15PM
Just found this place and read a few of the pages. Some comments/responses . . .

Diamond Jim's was in the building that formerly housed Whiskey River in the mid-70's; it became a Cowboy place about the time the Urban Cowboy craze started. I arrived in Dallas fresh out of college in late January of 1976, and I had a great time at many places. Probably the first Club I went to (with some friends I had met at "The Village", where I initially lived) was Ichabod's, a disco/bar on the SW corner of Old Town (it later became Cafe Dallas and had a nice run). Of course, there was the iconic "TGI Friday's anchoring the north end of that complex, and in between there were a couple of other places. There was a sports-themed place in the same building as Ichabod's/Cafe Dallas in 1976 - it was tucked around the corner (the one where the infamous Tom Thumb used to be) and it had a person's name - HP Cassidy's, I believe. I remember it had a bunch of Dallas Cowboy jersey's framed on the wall.

And then, of course, there was "European Crossroads", home to the Number 3 Lift. There was another place directly south of there (in the same building) that later housed the Roxy, but I don't remember what it was in the mid-70's. To the east, there was the Beggar Club (believe it or not, one of the owners of that place is now running "Norma's Cafe" on Trinity Mills!), and by 1977 or 1978, The Bell Ringer came in and was one of my favorite places to go with friends on a weekend night. Bring your backgammon game (LOL!). At some point around then, Scotland Yard popped up facing NW Highway in that general area (I believe that building is now a strip joint).

A 1/2 mile or so down NW Highway to the east was a super popular spot named "Carlos and Pepe's". This one was wall-to-wall people every time I went there, which was good sometimes, and not-so-good others. It just depended what mood you were in! But always a rockin' party time there. And in 1977, a place opened on the N. side of European Crossroads (the side not facing NW Highway) named "Saturday's". It was only open for 2 or 3 years, but it was a little quieter and not as hectic as most of the EC scene, so it was good for a date as well. I particularly remember a first date with "someone special" that ended up there for drinks and dancing. It was in the early days of the Saturday Night Fever album and I still remember dancing to "Night Fever" there (it's funny the things you remember, isin't it?).

One of my very favorite places to go on dates, early on, was "The original Bobby McGhee's" in a little shopping center that I want to say was located near Abrams and Mockingbird (there was also a Pancho's all-you-can-eat restaurant in the shopping center that I'd go to sometimes when I was really hungry - still love their hot sopapillas with honey!). It was a reasonably priced and good restaurant with the (at the time) obligatory disco floor. There was another Bobby McGhee's in Arlington that I went to in the early 80's, but it was more of a bar/restaurant than the other way around. At that same time (early 80's) I found another place I liked to go on dates, Stuart Anderson's on Greenville over near Walnut Hill Lane. Another place with nice atmosphere, good food, reasonable prices and a nice dance floor.

In the early days, I went anywhere and everywhere there was a good time to be had. This include OZ over off of LBJ, near where the Galleria is today; and elan, located a little south of Lovers on Greenville, on the west side. Both of these were "membership clubs", but the fee was not that high. However, they did cater to - in general - a little more upscale clientele than, say, the #3 Lift. At least, WE thought so at the time! And then there was the Dallas Playboy Club, which I believe came online around 1978 or so. It was near the original Dallas Cowboys offices (before they moved to Valley Ranch), in a high-rise office tower on Central Express near Mockingbird (I want to say the address was "777" or something like that).

Oh - and another place I went on a few dates was a place called "Daddy's Money". There was one in Old Town, and another location in the LBJ corridor near the Toll Way (close to OZ).

in the early 80's a new club came on the Old Town area scene - Confetti's. It was located across Lover's from Old Town, situated behind a small strip mall that had a convenience store, and next to another staple of the era - La Bare, a male strip club. The place had been named "Cowboy's" originally and came on line about the same time Diamond Jim's did in the late 70's. But it was revamped and opened as Confetti's in 1981, I believe. It instantly became THE hot spot in town and remained so for the next 2 or 3 years. One of the first places I ever saw that included video monitors (hung in various places around the 2 story club) as part of the atmosphere.

Speaking of Craig Morton, as I recall he had a stake in a glitzy disco that opened near the intersection of Greenville and Park Lane circa 1977 called "Le Jardin". I remember seeing Dallas native and then one of the top players on the PGA tour, Lanny Wadkins, there with a date the first time I was there. There was also a place in the complex off of Central (on the east side) just north of Park (I think that complex was called "Northpark II"winking smiley called "Pappagallo". It was a large open place with a huge dance floor in the middle. Chrome and glass style of place. Was not one of my favorites, but did go there a few times.

Anyone remember a popular restaurant across NW Highway from European Crossroads known as "Captain Cooks"? Prime rib spot, as I recall.

And, there was a club on the second floor of a building across NW Highway (on Shadybrook Lane) from the Village called "The Point", I think . . .

There was another place further north on Greenville, called "Di Vinci's", I think. Later, it became the Roxy, a rock disco place.

And a good place to eat was Blue's Lakefront, across the street from Bachman lake on NW Highway. I believe they shut it down and razed it in the early 80's.

Sorry if I rambled a little with these posts. But once you start the memories flowing, it's hard to shut them off. Stirred some good memories typing this!
Re: 70's Disco Club
February 25, 2022 09:26AM
Playboy Club in Dallas was 6060 N Central Expressway
Second floor access by escalator
Building was also home to Dallas Cowboys HE
Today in 2022 the building is owned by SMU
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