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Mary Kay Ash

Posted by Bill Shaw 
Mary Kay Ash
August 28, 2006 02:27PM
Who in this world hasn't heard of Mary Kay, founder of the extraordinary Dallas cosmetics company. Some of you, ladies in particular, may have some special, even personal, memories and comments about her, or at least her company.
My main link to Mary Kay was via my brother who was vice-president of the tiny Oak Cliff jobber cosmetics firm, The Goodier Company, where Mary Kay initially compounded her first products. It was down on Bishop Street, corner of Eighth, just a block from the Bishop Arts District, although I suppose technically the location is considered to be in the District. Goodier is no more today, I don't know what occupies the building now.
My brother, Harvey, got to know Mary Kay, and her son Richard, quite well, but only in a business way, not socially, although she did encourage him to come in with her on the ground floor of her company [only planned then I suppose, not yet formed, at least not the behemoth it would become]. My brother, unwisely as it turned out, demurred...I guess because in those days purt-near everyone was trying to create a private business for themselves in cosmetics...there were also others then who had Goodier make up their concoctions which as I understand they just took out peddlin' on the road.
My brother regrets his decision, of course, knowing how incredibly successful and wealthy he probably would have become, if he'd just had the courage to take the leap with her...but he had a family of 4 to support, and that was priority.
Win some, lose some....that's the way it's always been...and ever will be.
Re: Mary Kay Ash
August 28, 2006 02:44PM
Long time ago, a fellow asked my then husband for a small loan to further his business. Newly married and nearly destitute, I put the nix on that real quick. Gene Street seems to have just fine without our help.
Re: Mary Kay Ash
August 28, 2006 02:47PM
"done" just fine I meant.
Re: Mary Kay Ash
August 28, 2006 09:09PM
In 1966 or 1967, my dear wife went to work for Mary Kay. That was on Carpenter Freeway. Every Friday the sales consultants would come in to pick up their orders. Cash was required of everyone. Fridays were pretty hectic. My wife left for another job in a year. Had she stayed, she would have been high up. Mary Kay was a big believer in promoting from within. At that time. Mary Kay had two sons who helped. Richard ran the front office and the other son ran the back office. I think the other son (not Richard) left her about 5 years later but I'm not sure.
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