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Little Mushroom? S&S Tea Room?

Posted by adam 
Little Mushroom? S&S Tea Room?
August 27, 2006 03:25PM
Does anyone remember a restaurant in the "fashion" or "design" district west or south of Stemmons Fwy called the Little Mushroom?
What is that area of town usually called?
I called it "fashion or design district" because there were fashion and interior design firms near there when I last lived in Dallas.
Was the Tea Room in Highland Park called S&S?
Marilyn Romweber owned and operated the "Little Mushroom" in the Dallas Decorative Center for years...probably until the mid-to-late'80s. The cuisine was wonderful...primarily French or Continental.
We had a showroom in the adjoining center, and took clients there frequently.
The S&S Tearoom was situated in Highland Park Village, where Patricio's currently sits,for many, many years. They moved to Inwood Village probably in the mid-'80s. Then closed their doors about 2001 or '02. S&S hosted many a "high tea" for debutantes and the other social elite.
Hi Bill! Happy to see you have joined the postings on this website.
I have the Little Mushroom Cookbook. Loved the restaurant and refer to the cookbook many times. The S&S brings back lots of nice memories also.
Hi Joycelyn,
We have the cookbook,too. Doesn't taste the same,tho'(don't tell Shirley).
S&S had those wonderful biscuits.
So did another favorite that's long gone: Lucas B&B.
Hi to all!
I have to disagree on Lucas B&B. I was really turned off when I found a piece of a bracelet chain in my food the first time I ate there. Yuk!
Re: Highland Park Cafeteria?
August 28, 2006 04:57AM
Thanks Bill and Joyce.
What can you (or anyone) tell me about the Highland Park Cafeteria?
(Not sure now if that was the name.)
Re: Highland Park Cafeteria?
August 28, 2006 08:53AM
Hey Adam!
Highland Park Cafeteria was a bastion of healthy fare and large portions. It was situated on Knox St., just west of McKinney, for probably half a century or more.
Later, they branched out with locations in Casa Linda, and Plano...I think.
Now, like all of the other wonderful eating spots discussed on this Board, it is extinct.
Dallas had some wonderful restaurants, such as Jay's Marine Grill, the Golden Pheasant, Little Bit of Sweden(Smorgasbord), ad infintum.
I'm getting hungry!
Oooooooh Bill, Jays Marine Grill and the wonderful popovers that they would bring around to the table. I used to eat so many that I'm not sure I knew what the fish tasted like. Highland Park Cafeteria and the "mile high pies". Good stuff, too bad it's all gone.
Re: Highland Park Cafeteria?
August 29, 2006 03:52AM
I was a picky eater, but once that I tasted the Lobster Thermidor, I would order nothing else.
No seafood restaurant in Dallas today comes close to Jay's.
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