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Cobb Stadium

Re: Cobb Stadium
July 29, 2006 01:36PM
I must be one of those "Old Timers". I knew P.C. Cobb (Athletic Director DISD) and his son was a good friend of mine...Stephen William Cobb, known as Billy in H.S.,Oh yes I also have been in stadium...
Re: Cobb Stadium
July 29, 2006 08:43PM
Yes, if I'm correct about the location--sort of I35 at Mockingbird or maybe Oak Lawn, NE-ish.
Watched my beau play basketball. Interesting to see all the tired and SMELLY (I mean smell-eeee!) boys go into the door to go shower, wait diligently, and then greet them as they came out, all showered and combed and ready to go get a burger and Coke (and talk about the game, of course).
Re: Deja Vu
July 30, 2006 05:22AM
Dave: Had found you in my annual too (1961)but did not know you were in the band. My first name is Robert but I have always gone by Wayne. I wasn't in the band my senior year as it was a choice of a full time summer job or band practice. I did stay in music classes at Kimball though. Was in the orchestra my senior year.
Soory but I don't remember you from back then.
Re: Cobb Stadium
July 30, 2006 07:27PM
I'm such an old timer that I remember the Adamson/Sunset football games of 1946 and 1947 at DalHi Stadium when I was a Jr and Sr at Adamson
I was at Kimball from 68 to 71. Mr. Durretts daily, morning addresses were pep talks. I remember him exhorting us to greatness by saying things like, "But if I was going to be a truck driver, I would be the best truck driver in the world." I remember him encouraging Wayne Kofnovec, a delightful person who was a one man wrecking crew on the football field " To push away from the table during lunch" so he could be a little faster on the field. He was constantly pushing us both collectively and individually to excel. And you never knew when he was going to talk directly to a student over the intercom. Nobody was off limits.
One of my fondest memories, however, was when I was called to the office after a football game because people in the group I had been sitting with had thrown ticker tape on the field. He had heard it was me and he wanted to know if that was true. I told him "no", and he said "good, I thought you had better sense than that." Then he asked me if I knew who did it. I again said "no". He studied me for a minute and then asked: "If you knew who did this would you tell me? " I replied "No sir." He smiled and told me to get back to class. On the appropriate offense, he respected a standup guy.
Consistent with his admonition to us to be our best, he was the best "Kimball Knight" - totally dedicated. I remember in 1983 when my father died, I received a sympathy card from the retired Mr. Durrett - on his own Kimball Knight stationary.
He lived our motto, "Optima petimus."
Dave, I think you are refering to Corky Cross but I thought it was Kenneth Coleman that ran into the fence. By the way, I ran into Corky about a year ago and he still wears those coke bottle glasses.
Jerry, you're right, it was Kenneth, not Corky. And yes, Corky Cross is the person I was thinking of. For some reason, all these years I have associated that incident with Corky. I can even hear him making that comment about thinking the goal posts were two defenders. But, it was Kenneth, and Kenneth must be the one who said that about the goal posts.
I think it was Kenneth also. I thought he was going to hit the goalpost. The story I remember is he said he had his eyes closed.
Re: W.P. Durrett (Dave McNeely)
August 05, 2006 03:00PM
Jim - Are you by chance related to Karl Hoeffner, my principal at Clara Oliver Elementary, Wm. Hawley Atwell, and David W. Carter?
Yes. I am his son. I think that Mr. Durrett was making sure that I was on the "straight and narrow" as a matter of professional courtesy.
Re: W.P. Durrett (Dave McNeely)
August 05, 2006 07:49PM
I was wrong about Mr. Hoeffner being my principal at Carter; I think we heard a rumor he was going to replace Mr. Lichtenwald, but that didn't happen. He was, however, my principal all six years at Clara Oliver and moved the same year I did to Atwell. I remember several things about your dad. We could always tell he was coming down the hall by the sound of his keys, and he had one shoe that squeaked. Also, the day that President Kennedy was assassinated, my dad took my sister, brother and I out of school to go to the airport and see him. When we returned, your dad came out of his office, and called my dad away. He is the one who told my father that the President was dead. We all heard a few moments later, when he made the announcement over the PA system. Last vivid memory: his annual talk the day before DISD day at the State Fair about how "the best things at the Fair are free." Boy was he right about that, and I always told my kids the same thing.
Re: Cobb Stadium
April 10, 2017 05:26PM
Would love to see some old pictures! Does anyone know where we could find some. Played lots of BB at DH FH. I saw A.C. Black play his last HS BB game for Crozier Tech in 1956. I grad from Tech in 1960 and got to guard Jerry Rhome of Sunset/Tulsa/Dallas Cowboys, later! It took me about 7 minutes to foul out!
Re: Cobb Stadium
April 11, 2017 09:21PM
Kirk H. Castleman Wrote:
> Would love to see some old pictures! Does anyone
> know where we could find some. Played lots of BB
> at DH FH. I saw A.C. Black play his last HS BB
> game for Crozier Tech in 1956. I grad from Tech
> in 1960 and got to guard Jerry Rhome of
> Sunset/Tulsa/Dallas Cowboys, later! It took me
> about 7 minutes to foul out!

Jerry Rhome's father, who was his football coach at Sunset, later taught history at Kimball H.S. His brother, Jerry's uncle, also once a coach, taught history at SOC during the time I taught biology and chemistry there, mid sixties.

Dave McNeely
Re: Cobb Stadium
April 13, 2017 10:53AM
P.C. Cobb's son was/is an OB-Gyn M.D. in Oak Cliff. He has likely retired by now….or deceased. Jim
Re: Cobb Stadium
April 27, 2017 05:12PM
FWIW, I always liked Cobb Stadium much more than the other DISD stadia. Whenever I went there for a football game, I felt a bit like the teams were elevated in stature a bit, that it was more like a collegiate stadium with its oval shaped closed wall and concrete construction compared to the open construction and bleachers at other fields like Sprague.

Dave McNeely
Re: Cobb Stadium
April 28, 2017 05:51AM
I know exactly how you felt . . . kinda like a mini Cotton Bowl.
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