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Cobb Stadium

Cobb Stadium
July 27, 2006 01:01PM
Now we're really going to find out who the "oldtimers" are!
Does anyone remember Cobb Stadium? What a neat old stadium that was.
Happy trails...
Re: Cobb Stadium
July 27, 2006 01:52PM
I saw football games and track meets there and fights in the parking lot. Participated myself in JROTC Drill Team Competitions. Wasn't there a field house also? I never went to a basketball game there.
I moved from Dallas in 1961 and don't remember when Cobb was torn down but I was sorry to see it gone. That whole area has been redeveloped so much I'm sure I'd have trouble finding my way today.
I hope some former DISD football players who were in that stadium for two to four years while students will contribute some stories.
Re: Cobb Stadium
July 27, 2006 02:20PM
I even remember when it was Dal-Hi Stadium, before becoming P. C. Cobb.
Re: Cobb Stadium
July 27, 2006 02:25PM
When I was in high school...59-61...it was called Dal-Hi Stadium. I think it was changed to P.C. Cobb sometime in the mid-60s.
It was torn down in the 80s and replaced with the Info Mart.
I could find nothing about when the original Dal-Hi Stadium was built....just some old threads on what was there before the Stadium was built.
Re: Cobb Stadium
July 27, 2006 02:38PM
Of course we remember Cobb Stadium. Saw many a football game there. Now, for the really old timers -- what was it called before it was Cobb Stadium? Hint -- It was in Dallas, it was for high schools, and it was a stadium.
Re: Cobb Stadium
July 27, 2006 02:41PM
I thinkt he name changed a little earlier. I think {might be wrong, being such an old-timer :-) } it was already Cobb Stadium when I was in jr. high (58-60), certainly high school (60-63).
Re: Stadium Confusion
July 27, 2006 03:02PM
Okay anyone out there, I have to admit that's I'm suffering from stadium confusion. I'm sure I could clear it up with searches, but would it be possible for some kind person to post in one place which stadiums are which. Since I started reading this board I can't remember anyone mentioning Sprague Field, which is where I thought we played Adamson's home football games.
[Off topic] Does anyone remember a car that caught on fire in the parking lot during an Adamson game in the late 1950s? Someone was syphoning (18 cent) gas from a car with a lit cigarette.]
Re: Cobb Stadium
July 27, 2006 03:20PM
According to this:
Dal-Hi Stadium was renamed P.C. Cobb Stadium in December of 1957.
I had no idea that there is now a P.C. Cobb Stadium and Field House at Fair Park, but there is one listed as one of the athletic facilities of DISD. I didn't save the web address, but it is easily found by googling for Cobb Stadium.
Re: Stadium Confusion
July 27, 2006 03:37PM
Sprague Field was and still is I think next to Kimball on Boulder Dr. And it night have not been the same game but I was at a Kimball game in '59 or '60 when a car exploded in the parking lot.
Re: Cobb Stadium
July 27, 2006 03:45PM
I do recall it being called both Dal-Hi Stadium and Cobb. I graduated in 61 but went to Jr High games too so sometime between 1955 and 1960. It also had a field house. I beleive all my Jr High (Stockard) wre played there.
Adam, you are right that Adamson played games at Sprague Field, which was on the same campus with Kimball H.S. I don't know when the stadium was built, but I remember junior high games there as early as '58. There was also a field house there.
In 1960 (my sophomore year at Kimball), Kimball and Adamson played at Sprague. Kimball was designated visiting. Adamson had an excellent team that year, and was favored for district champion (I don't remember who eventually won that, maybe Woodrow). Adamson had a particularly heavy team, the linemen averaging something like 205 lbs, really giant for high school then. Kimball had a young squad, mostly sophomores, who were destined to do well a couple of years later. They were really fast, but young, inexperienced, and very light. They were sophomores playing seniors -- it makes a difference.
At half time, the score was something like 28-0, Kimball. One of our backs, Corky somebody, who had glasses as thick as coke bottles, ran all the way through the end zone, bounced off the fence, and lay on the ground, out cold. He later claimed he thought the goal posts were two defenders, and sped up at that point. There was no one within 20 yards of him.
At half time it started raining, a real toad strangler. Weather report later said over four inches in just over an hour. The game was not called, and it ended something like Adamson 48-Kimball 28. Those big Adamson Leopards just bulled their way over and through any Knights who got in their way. Both teams uniforms were pure mud. I don't think Kimball made another yard in the game.
When I attended a Kimball reunion a few years ago, I was part of a conversation with some of the former football players who'd been in that game. They were recalling other games, and they'd acquitted themselves well in successive seasons, only losing maybe three games in two years. But when someone mentioned "the Adamson flood," the place got quiet, and then the group just broke up. Forty years later.
Other stadiums that Dallas had then were Franklin Field (Hillcrest campus, probably a part of the deal which brought Vickery schools into DISD), and a stadium in Pleasant Grove. I can't remember the Pleasant Grove stadium's name, but it was pretty old, and again probably belonged to another school system taken into DISD. My senior year a portion of that stadium collapsed during a game with people on the bleachers. Amazingly, very few people were serioiusly injured, as I recall. I think the game was a poorly attended jr. high game.
Evidently, the fans at the time of the collapse were engaged in an organized cheer called "stomp-clap", a standard in the DISD. After that, the cheer was forbidden at all wooden stadia, but was allowed at Cobb.
Seems like the Pleasant Grove field was Forrester Field. Thanks to all for all,
Re: Cobb Stadium
July 27, 2006 04:00PM
Denise, I went to many a game at the ole Dal-Hi (later P.C.Cobb Stadium) in the late 1940s and early 1950's. Most of the time the High School and the Jr. High that fed that High School played on the same night. If Greiner played Storey then the game after that was Sunset vs. Adamson. In those days Sunset and Greiner was usually the winner in those games. Most of the Schools played one game at the Cotton Bowl during the State Fair and the rest of them at Dal-Hi. Dal-Hi in the late Fall games was one of the coldest places in Dallas, lots of cement, must have taken lots of work to tear that place down. There were also track meets and also a Basketball Gym on the campus........Bill Strouse
Re: Cobb Stadium
July 27, 2006 04:17PM
Dal-Hi Stadium opened in 1939 on the site of a Dallas Water Dept settling basin on the old Trinity channel. It was a WPA project.
It remained Dal-Hi until 1956 when it was named for P. C. Cobb, DISD Athletic Director. The stadium closed in 1981 and was sold.
Now the site of the InfoMart.
Re: Stadium Confusion
July 27, 2006 04:27PM
Sprague Field, named for the Sprague family at Adamson High School--former mayor George Sprague--is located in Oak Cliff adjacent to Kimball High School. I believe DISD may have renamed now.
Alfred J. Loos Stadium is in Addison and is named for a former Coach at Forest Avenue High School.
Herschel Forester Stadium is in Pleasant Grove, named after a former coach--can't recall where.
James Ray Henry Stadium is in Seagoville and named for a citizen in that city.
The newest, the Jesse Owens Complex is named for the Olympic athlete.
P. C. Cobb Stadium is a very small field located outside Fair Park adjacent to Chappy James School.
Damn, Dave. I forgot Franklin and Pleasant Grove--you're right about the name origins.
Bevo, I sure could be wrong, but I think Forester stadium was the new one built to replace the old stadium I was remembering.
Re: Cobb Stadium
July 27, 2006 04:44PM
Ouchhh....I guess I need to sweep some more cobwebs out of my head before I post something.
It must have been Jr-Hi when I went to the games at Dal-hi Stadium...not Hi-School.
I do know it was Forester in the 60s. I don't know before that. Thanks to all for all,
Re: Stadium Confusion
July 27, 2006 04:56PM
Jesse Owens is no longer the newest field, the new field, I believe named Kincaide is in Oak Cliff. It was part of the latest Bond proposal. Pleasant Grove stadium still exists and games are played there. Mostly middle school and 9th grade games. And yes, games are still played at the other stadiums mentioned too. Mostly middle school games at Owens, too.
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