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David the Yardman: Former Slave?

Posted by adam 
Ms. Holly, Jim Thorpe, the great American Native Athlete was from the Prague, Ok. area. Could there have been some family lineage connection with Paul and his family?
Did Paul ever mention having a Native American Name?
I bet Paul and his Spouse were very humble people.
Re: Jim Thorpe
July 26, 2006 09:35AM
Jim Thorpe was from Yale, Oklahoma, just east of Stillwater (and about 50-60 miles west of Tulsa), I believe. Yale would be probably 50 miles north of Prague. Prague, btw, is pronounced with a long a thereabouts.
Hi Abel,
Paul had a time trying to brush away the ever-present fly on his shoulder ... me! I think he remembered much from his childhood, and tossed just a few things my way after many questions, for which I am thankful.
I shouldn't have stated that Paul S. ever resided at Buckner Childrens' Home. We actually were told as much by one of his relatives. Paul, though, never confirmed or denied this, as far as I'm aware. He just let us go on gabbing and believing what we would for forty years. All I know for (near-) certain is that he was born about 1895 near Prague (long 'a,' as Dave related), O. T. (but how near?), his tribal descent was Seminole and that he lived in Dallas (mostly, in the little community just east of Love Field) for at least half a century. If he had known kinship to Jim Thorpe, he never let on. I can't decide whether he would have divulged such information or not.
Yes, Paul and Claudine were a humble pair; largely, because they'd had to be. They were an astute audience for many fools, I'm sure.
Take care,
"If he had known kinship to Jim Thorpe, he never let on."
Thorpe's tribal affiliation was Sac and Fox, and his mother probably had some Potawatamie ancestry as well. At the Jim Thorpe House museum, in Yale, educational material states that his birthplace is unknown, since no birth certificate was recorded.
Sorry about that .... Yes, you are right, Dave. I can't keep my own ancestry straight most of the time, much less anyone else's.
But wait a minute, Dave. What did Jim Thorpe himself have to say concerning his birthplace?
Jim Thorpe
August 01, 2006 08:39PM
I don't know that, Holly. There are "Jim Thorpe Birthplace" monuments in three different locations in Oklahoma, one at Yale in Payne County, one in Lincoln County near Prague, and one in Potawatamie County. I have not seen the one in Potawatamie County, so I do not know what it says, either. The town of Prague is in Lincoln County, and has numerous Thorpe memorabilia in its museum, as do Stillwater and Yale in Payne County.
Holly, I'm glad you posted this previous message. It reminded me that I did some searchin' back on 25 July and had forgotten to post it.
In the 1910 census for Dallas I only found two people named Paul who were born in OK. One of them is the right age (since you said he was born about 1895) and there's an orphan home involved.
Census, 30 April 1910, Dallas, Dallas TX, Justice Precinct #7 - Juliette Fowler Orphan Home.
Three brothers:
Paul St. John, 14, OK
Carl St. John, 18, OK
Allen St. John, 9, OK
Thank you so much, Fred. I think we both know that we usually have to cross-out many before finally ruling (reigning?) one in. This information helps bunches.
Re: David the Yardman: Former Slave?
November 02, 2012 10:40PM
Hello, My name is Alsinia Peterson Hutzler.
David Peterson is my Great Grandfather. I am the first of the Great Grand Children. I would appreciate any information on or about him. I was reading another post and it mentioned an tape recording he had made for his grand children, does anyone know how I can get this?
Re: Partial Text of David Peterson Obituary
November 02, 2012 10:45PM
My name is Alsinia Peterson Hutzler, David Peterson is my Great Grand Father i am the eldest of his Great Grand children. I have been trying to get information on him and would like him reconized for his longevity I would also like to find out how to get the recording he left for his family. Can anyone help Please
Re: David the Yardman: Former Slave?
August 28, 2014 01:04AM
Hello... David Peterson is my Great Grandfather. I am trying to do some research on my family history you can email me at alsiniahutzler@yahoo.com
Re: Partial Text of David Peterson Obituary
August 28, 2014 01:10AM
Hello, my name is Alsinia. David was my Great Grandfather. I am trying to obtain any thing about him and would like to get these tape recording. If anyone can help me please email me at alsiniahutzler@yahoo.com please. Thank you
Re: Partial Text of David Peterson Obituary
September 01, 2014 05:41PM
Ms. Alsinia, I just noticed you have been looking for that recording for some time. What was quoted on this dite was from the obit, mentioning he'd made a tape for his descendents. It was implied the family had it, so given the date it would've been, probably, a reel-type magnetic tape. These were usually eight to ten inch diameter, kept in boxes. You might want to poll family members, it's the sort of thing that sits in plain sight sometimes. I'm sure we all wish you luck.
Re: David the Yardman: Former Slave?
June 04, 2016 06:54AM
Hello... it's been awhile since you posted, but I'm looking for information on David Peterson as well , he was my Great Grandfather.
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