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Greenville Avenue in the 80's.

Posted by dave c 
Greenville Avenue in the 80's.
June 09, 2006 10:38AM
The relocation of Poor Davids Pub was a sad blow to Greenville Aves music scene. Luckily, the Granada was reinvented as a Music venue. With good taste in bookings generally.
Speaking of that area, I was at Snuffers last week and it looks like my suspicion that the 80's James Brown mural on the exterior wall of the old "Fast and Cool /Fishdance/Red jacket" was preserved by being covered with wood panels instead of painted over. How do I know? A small section of the boards have fallen off and i can see what appears to be the Mural. A rare case of extra effort for the sake of landmark preservation. I hope.
Also : Anybody remember Mimi's Pub? on upper Greenville?
Thanks Gang
i was worry about the beautiful tile work on the building next to the char bar on greenville ave.
but the current owner covered the tile with his sign and it appears he left the tile in place.
I just noticed that exposed corner of James Brown the other day--so glad to see that! I worry about the older buildings, especially after the strip where John's was got torn down. Would hate to lose some of the cool old buildings.
We have been to the new Poor David's a few times--nicer place than the old, still good music. But, I miss it being close to home on Greenville Ave.
Yes, I remember Mimi's--I waitressed at Elan, in the same shopping strip (where Office Max is today). Used to stop in there after shifts or days off. Boy, things have sure changed over the years!
Richard Carver
I used to drink at
June 21, 2006 08:19PM
...wonder whatever happened to "Dancing Randy"? smiling smiley
I used to go to Mimi's in 1980 before I got married. It was a nice place. Wasn't crowded like a lot of places.
Did any ever go to Pappagayos? What was the name of the club on the corner of Greenville and Lovers Lane? It was after Daddy's Money left, I think?
There was a dance club on the southwest Greenville/Lovers Lane corner near Mimi's called the "Tijuana Yacht Club". It was popular for several years in the early 90's. Later the building was demolished, and Office Depot now stands in it's place.
Rickie, did OZ take over the Daddy's Money spot? Was Mimi's a restaurant? Refresh my memory...what was it like inside? Does anyone remember Vicky Britton's club, and the location? Thanks!
I remember partying at the TYC, about 1989-90.
What's in that building now? BTW, I ate at the Char Bar yesterday, when I went down to mourn the loss of the Arcadia. I hadn't set foot in the Char Bar since 1972, when I was a kid. The food wasn't as good as I remembered it.
But the guys arguing in Greek was a kick, and the older guy (60s or 70s) checking out the tall redhead that walked in with two guys. Too funny.
I went to the opening night of Pappagayos way back when. Big place was the thought that comes to mind. Was in Juarez Mexico a few years later and there was an exact clone of Pappagayos on the International Plaza. Bathrooms, Men/Women were switched, was only difference.
Club at Geenville and Lovers Lane, North East corner was Dallas City Limits. Fellow named Jimmy Sproles managed it. Met Don Kings son there.
Anyone remember Le Jardin, behind where The "Filling Station" club was?
Wasnt V.B.'s in the building before Wellingtons??
My memory is a little foggy from thoses days but I think V.B.'s was there first??
Re: I used to drink at
June 28, 2006 02:02PM
Bubba who is Dancing Randy? Was I there? lol
No - Wellington's was quite awhile before "V.B" - I can't even find anyone else who remembers her. She performed 2 really professional shows every weekend in the mid to late 70's - then sort of just vanished.
That was about 78-79, before your time young lady. The club was tiered with the bar to the north and the seating rising up to the south.
There were two aisles (3?) that went from the bar area all the way to the top in the back of the club. It was the days of disco and Donna Summer was our queen, the BeeGees were our kings and the music was constant and loud.
Dancing Randy was a guy who never talked to anyone, never sat down, never had a drink (to my knowledge smiling smiley just danced up and down those aisles, in between tables, twirling and dancing the night away...all by himself.
It was odd the first few times you saw him flying up those stairs, it was kind of like an old Fred Astaire movie except there was no Ginger. After it became apparent he wasn't dangerously nuts it was kind of fun to watch him and to watch the reactions of new patrons to his twinkling of toes, this definitely wasn't Kansas anymore.
I was a regular at VICKY BRITTON'S back in the 70's. Vicky and all the guys in her band Milo Bump, Mike Hannah, Carlos Varner, Paul Leim. Wendall Leads became good friends. Vicky will always be a very special person to me. A couple of years ago I saw Paul. He is in Nashville. We had a good but short talk as he was set to go on stage with George Jones. I lost track of some of the others. The last I heard Vicky was somewhere in West Texas.
Re: Greenville Avenue
February 10, 2007 10:43AM
What is the place now? I frequent several establishments on the lower and lowest strips and have always wondered abouth the history of those buildings. Sadly I think thier future is uncertain
Re: Greenville Avenue
February 10, 2007 03:04PM
I think it is the Rodeo Club. The address was 3221 W. Northwest Hwy. I lived right around the corner from it. It is also where I was introduced to my ex-husband. Vicki introduced us.
Re: Greenville Avenue
February 10, 2007 03:24PM
If where I think you're talking about its now the copper spur saloon. Is it roughly SW corner of Abrams and NW HWY?
Re: Greenville Avenue
February 10, 2007 03:52PM
It could be. I know it was just across the street from Bachman Lake and Love Field. I just did a address search and "Rodeo Club" came up at that address. For some reason, I keep thing that at one point part of the Club burned but don't think it was completely destroyed. I think it was just remodeled. I may be wrong about that though
Re: Greenville Avenue
February 10, 2007 08:54PM
I will have to look on my map again. I know it was between Marsh Lane and Webbs Chapel...nearer to Webbs Chapel. I lived off Timberline. Wish I could put a map on this forum. Oh yeah. The name of it is El Rodeo Club instead of just Rodeo Club. My mistake.
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