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1970's Rock Venues in Dallas

Posted by dave c 
Re: 1970's Rock Venues in Dallas
May 17, 2006 06:55PM
The Annex was on the North side of King's Rd. - right across the street from the Texas Tea House, which backed up to the Delman Theatre parking lot.
It was kind of like a predecessor to TGI Friday's. Lots of junk hanging from the walls and ceiling (Deer heads, bowling pins, etc. When you first entered the place it looked like you were walking through a cave.
See picture:
Great gameroom and patio too!
Re: 1970's Rock Venues in Dallas
May 17, 2006 06:56PM
Saw Rodney Dangerfield there!
Re: 1970's Rock Venues in Dallas
May 17, 2006 07:28PM
Well - I sure remember the Tea House but sure draw a blank on the Annex. If that's all I'd forgotten after 30+ years I would be lucky.
Re: 1970's Rock Venues in Dallas
May 17, 2006 07:50PM
Must have been too many beers (or worse) with Will Barnes at the T.T.H.!
And before it was the Texas Tea House it was called Boogers!
Fred, My brother played drums in his band for a while I can't remember who else was in his band at the time to many music memories to remember. My brother Glenn played in the band called " The Mystics" they had a #1 record on the local radio stations back in 1966 the record was " Didn't we have a Good Time" you might remember that song. The band was formed back when the boys went to Boude Storey Jr. High then South Oak Cliff High School. I used to try and tag along when I could me being the younger brother. Some good memories as well. Al Struble
Heres a few names..57 Doors on Maple,Adobe Flats on Lemmon(Boogie Boulevard)Bamboo Room on Oak Lawn,Fast and Cool Club,Love Field Ballroom,Mother Blues...etc.
Mike and others....
What happened to the Silver Helmet? I went there a few times about 1969-70. Seems it was somewhere around Denton Dr., Maple, etc.; somewhere in that general area.
The Silver Helmet was located in a v-saped shopping center where Denton Drive and i think maybe,Maple connect. It was on the North side of the center facing North. I believe Stans Blue Note was on the same side facing West. Hudnall Street borders the Center on the South. There is a Herreras Rest. in the center now on the east side. Jeez, i spent too many years running the streets i fear. Oh well, you only go around once.
Lance Rentzel and Joey Heatherton frequented the place a lot.
Cool.. Met Lance back when I was about 8 or 9 years old.. Around 1968/69 I think..
Other Venues..
Electric Ballroom..
Grannys' Dinner Playhouse..
Country Dinner Playhouse..
Hope I got those correct..
***Photographically Preserving Dallas History 1 Building @ A Time***
How about "Gurties"?
humm, Did I spell that correctly?? lol !!
I know that Freddie King played there!!
***Photographically Preserving Dallas History 1 Building @ A Time***
He does? Poor guy.
The Bijou was where I had and lost my only chance to meet Kerry C. Minnear. He was sitting all alone inside the Gentle Giant tour bus, Pat and Steve were trying to coax me to go in, but I was too afraid to intrude on such a presence.
Art, do you remember the place on Greenville called the Dallas Palace?
Re: 1970's Rock Venues in Dallas
June 07, 2006 08:57PM
I remember the name but can't remember the location.
did any of yall go to a little hole in the wall called PURPLE HAZE? it was on GREENVILLE AVE. in the spot where NICKs coffee shop is now. down on lowest greenville, near ross ave.
I remember playing folk music at a little place I believe it was on Cole Avenue called the Rubait? Not sure of the spelling either. Maybe it was on McKinney. They used to have just Folk Music. My Long Hair Days....
it was the RUBIAT.
i remember it too.
Re: Rock Venues in Dallas the 60s!
June 08, 2006 04:47PM
Re: Rock Venues in Dallas the 60s!
June 08, 2006 04:48PM
Or maybe it was:
I think that's the spelling. Lots of things since then. John Prine? Thanks to all for all,
no i think you had it right at Rubiyat
do yall remember that place called the satori house? it was REALLY odd. it was an old house on oak lawn. and nothing really went on there, it was just a place to hang out.
the house was wonderful. it was a 1910 prairie style...just a about a block west of the melrose hotel.
Debby, I'm not familiar with the name, Satori House, but it makes me think of a two story house that was about where the post office is now on Oaklawn in the early 70's. Seems it was called "Grandma's" and maybe it was a shop or gallery? Are you referring to an earlier incarnation perhaps? Leslie
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