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1970's Rock Venues in Dallas

Posted by dave c 
There was also "The Wintergarden", which hosted a lot of mid-size concerts. it was a big metal barn type of hangar structure near Buckner on John West I think. Saw "The Tubes" there.
A few years later:
Also gone but not forgotten, a dark dive called "The Hot Klub" ('79-'82 aprox) at Maple and Hondo, which hosted the Nervereakers, Stick Men with Rayguns, Siouxie and the Banshees , Butthole Surfers, and many more.
My wife and I went to a party at the Loser's club on the same night we got married. Some folks thought we were crazy to start off our marriage at a club named the Loser's. We've been happly married for 37 yrs and raised 1 daughter. Can't wait for the next 37 yrs.
Aww Yes..
The Wintergarden. I went there for a Guitar Show! Geez, I'm guessing, some 12+ years ago..
WOW! How Time Flys.!
In fact, I Went by there about 10 months ago and the building was still there..
Randy Carlisle
Photographically Preserving Dallas History 1 Building @ A Time
Re: 1970's Rock Venues in Dallas
May 15, 2006 04:58PM
Guess I didn't "get him" back then either. Knew a girl that worked at Sound Town that loved this album - especially "Move With Me". When she comes up from Houston to see us the next time we play I'm sure she'll be shocked to hear it! I've been listening to some his other stuff as a result of learning this and it's all really good! Too bad I didn't get to hear or see him when he was alive.
Here's a link to "Move With Me" from 5-5-2006:
Not the best quality, but you'll get the idea.
You can also waste a lot of time here:
(Band website)
Music clips, etc.
My sister was in love with Gino! She was probably there too when you saw him. I met him a few times when he came around to promote a new album. I wonder if she still has that life-size stand-up I gave her??
Remember the Beggars club but did'nt spend a lot of time there. Liked the #3 Lift club around the corner more. Bigger and not so shoulder to shoulder. Did you ever make the friday night party at the Barcelona Apts.? They were in the same area.
Thank you for the links....and will check back for future gigs!
Re: 1970's Rock Venues in Dallas
May 16, 2006 07:07AM
Oh my - now there's a blast from the past. Was Barcelona NW Hwy/Community area? Mom would have killed me but have to admit, I was there - at least once.
Hey Art do you remember Pearl street warehouse or Dave's Dirt Dobber over on Kings Highway? Back in the 70"s
That was the place. Great friday night party. Even mix of guys and gals. Surely Mom would forgive you by now.
Re: 1970's Rock Venues in Dallas
May 16, 2006 06:40PM
Hey Al,
I remember Pearl Street Warehouse but never played there.
Dave's Dirt Dobber? You mean The Dirt Dobber on King's Rd. (off Lemmon by the Delman Theatre)? That became The Annex and we were the house band there for about 6 months in 1972-73.
I actually have pictures from there at my (unfinished) website for the band. I really should finish this someday!
See if any of this jogs any memories.
-- Art
Art, Yes it was the Dirt Dobber. I guess I called it Dave's because I remember my brother playing drums in a big there and Dave Coffee was the keyboard player and I think he owned the place or at least had something to do with it? So what was you first club to play in? Mine was the Colonial Cloub in Arlington also played at the Abby Inn.
Re: 1970's Rock Venues in Dallas
May 17, 2006 07:46AM
I lived on Raleigh(Kings Rd) in 72-73 but for the life of me cannot call up The Annex/Dirt Dobber. Where was it relative to the Delman? No way at all that area even closely resembles what it looked like then, so it's hard to get my bearings.
The Delman, holy cow, saw "Rocky " there in the 70's.
That whole block is now part of "Park Cities Volkswagen", they subjected me to my worst ever experience at a car dealer, but that's beside the point.
Strictly Tabu, near there, was another good place for bands, (more Jazz than Rock) but still sorely missed.
Allie, I think the Electric Ballroom is what the Aragon Ballroom became. It was on Industrial at the foot of downtown. I saw Brewer and Shipley, Billy Cobbam, B.W. Stephenson, Dixie Dreggs, Atlanta Rythum Section there along with many others that are lost in the general haze of the 70s. Another cool little spot for live rock in the 70s was the Binary Star located at Maple and Cedar Springs next door to Als Barbecue. Also, there was the End of Cole on Cole Ave. but the only band I can remember seeing there was Velvet Underground.
Re: 1970's Rock Venues in Dallas
May 17, 2006 09:59AM
There are some old threads about The TaBu Room/Strictly Tabu. It was a neat old place with good music and teeny-tiny cocktails. I remember the red carpet & pink flamingos, and how you waited forever to get a seat downstairs at tables that were so small and close together you couldn't move. I can't remember the name of leader of the house band, but he played the xylophone (someone always requested "Pink Lady&quotwinking smiley. He had been a member of the band for the old ice skater turned actress, Sonja Heanie (sp?).
Oddly, you walked upstairs at the entrance the down again to the main room (?)
Remember how the bar was the height of a regular table because the bartenders behind it, were down in a sunken pit, lol.
Strickly Tabu was a great jazz club at Lemmon and Lomo Alto..they had good pizzas too.
Last time I was there,before it closed...a big band was playing and I was a little disappointed...
Anyone remember the Recovery Room? It was in Oak Lawn...on Cedar Springs...or Maple? I saw Marchel Ivery there for the first time..( btw....he's playing at Terilli's for the next 2 Sunday nights).
The Balcony Club..up the steps next to the old Lakewood theater is a jazz/blues club/bar. It's cool.
Wow - haven't thought of the Recovery Room in ages. That was where the coool jazz-types went. I only went once or twice. Maybe because I wasn't cool, or because I couldn't afford a cover charge - which was kind of rare back then.
Al, your mention of Dave Coffee caught my attention! In the mid-late 1960s, Dave's wife Nabuko worked at the same place as my wife. We went to see him and his band play one Saturday night and it became a weekly 'ritual' to go with a few other couples every Saturday night to whichever club Dave's band was playing.
His band had a great sound and was very good dance music. We always sat with his wife and other band members' wives or dates. I recall the night when their gig ended at one club and we all raced over to The Losers club to catch the late show by Blood, Sweat & Tears. Good memories!
How about a late seventies, early eighties rock venue called the Wintergarten Ballroom. It was located, I believe, in east Dallas about a half mile from IH 35. It was a small, nondescript dance hall in the middle of an industrial area. I saw ZZtop, George Thouroughgood, and - don't laugh - Loverboy, among others there. A very strange area and building for national acts to perform.
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