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Leon's Barbecue

Posted by Teresa Jordan 
Leon's Barbecue
November 03, 2005 09:51PM
Does anyone remember Leon's Barbecue on Jefferson, from many years ago? I never ate there but would pass the place on my way to downtown. Did any of you eat there? I don't believe I've ever seen that place posted about on this message board.
Re: Leon's Barbecue
November 04, 2005 07:09AM
Teresa, I remember it, but never ate there. Seems to me that it was originally owned by someone else--maybe Red Bryan?--and then became Leon's.
Re: Leon's Barbecue
November 04, 2005 07:19AM
Thanks for the reply Bob. There's nothing remarkable about the building. I THINK but I'm not certain, but it may be a Mexican restaurant now.
Re: Leon's Barbecue
November 04, 2005 10:50AM
Where about's on Jefferson? Was it acrross from where the old Sears used to be? I seem to recall that being a BBQ Place in the sixtys and is now a Mexican Resturant. Can't remember the name of it though?
Re: Leon's Barbecue
November 04, 2005 12:58PM
No, it was at the other end of Jefferson, going towards downtown. Right where Ewing crosses Jefferson.
Re: Leon's Barbecue
November 04, 2005 01:06PM
My May 1967 Dallas Phone Directory lists two Leon's Pit Barbecues. One at 101 North Ewing, the other at 720 E. Jefferson.
Re: Leon's Barbecue
November 04, 2005 05:47PM
I seem to remember a Leon's Barbecue on the Central Expressway service road just past Fitxhugh across the Expwy from Ben Milam Elementary. It was reall very good but not as good ar the old Red Bryan's and Sonny Bryans!
Best to all,
November 05, 2005 08:33AM
Steve, right food; wrong name. That was Dickey's and it's still there and the BBQ is still good!
Re: Dickey's
November 05, 2005 08:48AM
Bob my buddy, you are as usual correct! It is a good thing you are out there to keep me from posting so much incorrect info on this Board! There is no doubt whatsoever that I should check my informationinstead of relying on my rapidly diminishing brain cells! That is one reason I am dropping back to part-time teaching in January. All the medications (narcotic and otherwise) to keep myself from lying in bed hoping to die (and I have been in that condition)aare bound to affect mu brain cells and memory so I want you to keep on calling attention to my mistakes and I am really serious about that. I still feel I have enough brains to be a good teacher but my physical condition dictates I cut back. Meantime, one of the happiest things to have happened to me lately is the discovery of this website and all the great folks and facts I have gotten to share! I don't remember how I stumbled on it but I think I was looking for something about Dallas and the website was suggested. Happiest thing to happen to me in some time!
My very best wishes to you Bob, who were my first contact, and to all the resyt of you wonderful friends as well!
Re: Leon's Barbecue
November 05, 2005 02:46PM
Does anyone have photos of this place they wish to share to put on my website.
Scott Dorn
Photographically preserving Dallas one building @a time
Re: Leon's Barbecue
November 05, 2005 02:55PM
Steve Got any photo of this place.
How are you? I missed you Been offline for over one month.
later freind
Photographing Preserving Dallas One building at a time
Re: Leon's Barbecue
November 05, 2005 11:50PM
Welcome home buddy! We missed you! I was confused in my thought that the barbecue joint I was describing was a "Leons". It was "Dickey's" and according to Bob, it is still in business turning out good barbecue! Sometimes, "Ijust ain't right!" and need a bit of guidance which folks on the board gently put be back on track! My old neurons and synapses don't always fire and work just right!
Welcom home!
Re: Leon's Barbecue
November 05, 2005 11:54PM
BTW Scott:
That was Bob Johnston I was referring to in the earlier posting. I don't have any pictures of Leons but Dickeys is still there if you want to get a shot of it for future reference. I believe they have at least one other shop or used to at any rate.
Re: Leon's Barbecue
May 15, 2006 10:21PM
My sister worked at Leon's on Jefferson in the late 60's She knew the owner, but, I was about 9 and don't remember who he was.....Ironically, I was going to a small church in Henderson County and a man that went there cooked brisket and knew the owner of Leon's BBQ and had the recipe for the sauce....It was quite good.
Vera Bennett
Re: Leon's Barbecue
May 19, 2006 04:44PM
Leons Barbecue was owned by Leon Clements. He lived next door to my Grandmother on Waco Street in Oak Cliff. Sons name was bobby and my cousin and i used to be pals with him when we were very young. He was in catering business in the 70s.
Not very good memories of his father. I remeber that he beat Bobby pretty severely to the point of cruelty. Bobby had a little sister that went to Adamson in the early 60s.
I do remeber Leon opened a barbecue stand on zangs and sold it to his son Bobby knowing the freeway was coming in overhead. Needless to say it broke Bobby and he had to struggle on his own to get back on his feet again.
Sorry for the downer post. just have nothing good to say about my recollections of Leon Clements.
Re: Leon's Barbecue
May 21, 2006 10:19AM
george its ok to post something thats sad. it was real. and sad is part of history too.
and i hope your friend is ok now.
Re: Leon's Barbecue
December 01, 2012 08:52AM
i believe the dickeys that was discussed was the original opened by roland dickeys father. dickeys has a bunch of bbq places some corporate owned some franchized

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Re: Leon's Barbecue
December 01, 2012 05:08PM
rojinks Wrote:
> i believe the dickeys thar was discussed was the
> original opened by roland dickeys father. dickeys
> has a bunch of bbq places some corporate owned
> some franchized

There are Dickey's BBQue stores all over the place. Dickey's is one of the corporate mills that has moved into the BBQue business since North Texas is mostly urbanites, many from elsewhere, who haven't any experience with real BBQue. Dickey's brisket is steam cooked, with smoke flavored sauce over it. It is not real BBQue. In fact, real BBQue is hard to come by in the DFW area now. If anyone knows a good spot, please let us know about it. Sonny Bryans is the closest to the real deal that I know of, but not anything to compare with what is available in Central Texas, say Luling, Lockhart, and environs.

Added in 2016: Dickey's has even moved into the Northwest, with a place in Spokane, Washington. Showing up here hasn't improved the food any, meaning it is still bad. Probably the original that folks spoke about above was true Texas barbecue, but the corporate mills operated now are not. Of course, up here folks think that barbecue is cooked with the sauce already on it. What do people who live where neither hickory, mesquite, nor pecan grow know about barbecue.

Dave McNeely

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Re: Leon's Barbecue
December 01, 2012 07:56PM
You might want to try Lockhart's in Oak Cliff. They are related to some folks who own one of the places in Lockhart, Tx. and feature Kreuz Market sausage. Don't come expecting plates, silverware or barbecue sauce. You'll get your food on butcher paper, sliced to order. They are located at the corner of Davis and Bishop in the Bishop Arts District. Also, I'm told (haven't made it down there yet) that the Pecan Lodge in the Farmer's Market is excellent. They are only open Thursday through Sunday, and only from 11am until 3pm or until they run out of food.

Anyone remember a barbecue place on Jefferson called Slim's? It was near the intersection of Jefferson and Beckley, by Buddy's Sporting goods. I used to slip away from school at Adamson and eat there for lunch in the late 70's.

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Re: Leon's Barbecue
December 02, 2012 07:26AM
altozwei Wrote:
> I used to slip away from school at Adamson and eat
> there for lunch in the late 70's.

Off the subject of barbecue, but I occasionally did the same thing at Bishop Lynch in the early 70's - slipped across Ferguson Rd. to the Dairyette. Just had to get away every now and then.
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