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three witches

Posted by dave c 
I have to report being a first person witness to steve's tale of the three witches....
that description brought back a lot of memories steve...
i am sure I was in the car several times....
didn't we scare the crap out of Joe Jackson one night!!!!
I recall one night in about 1970 we rode out in the country...to red Oak and stole a goose from a farm.,......and we were chased by an irate man....
took the goose to a Jack in the Box on westmoreland....and a guy we knew...his brother was in my old ford fairlane during the escapade....
worked there and cooked it and ground up with the Jack in the Box...burger meat.
a true story...
Save that photo, if found, for Halloween, and give advance notice (preparation) prior to posting, okay Jerry? lol
Hey Jerry,
If you do find the story on microfilm/fiche at DPL, please post info. I may do the same, as I'd like to get my hands on a copy and revisit the article meself! Thanx!
A bit embarrassing, but I did go to the library in search for the 1970 reference to the "Witches" that the DMN archives said was in the "Dallas Scene" of the DMN paper.
Well, "Dallas Scene" shows what movies were in town, along with art, museums, etc. I read through the page, and found no reference to the Stemmons Tower Witches. (Maybe I just did a very bad search.)
So I still haven't found any article, and accompanying photo of the witches.
Jerry Dealey
Re: three witches - Photos anyone?
September 19, 2020 08:39PM
Well, I guess I found an answer to my question. The phorum has a much more complete explanation of the "three witches" than does the other site I referenced. Interesting that I, being of an age to have experienced this, never did, and never heard of it.

Dave McNeely
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