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Rock Concerts

Posted by Kristy 
Re: Rock Concerts
April 29, 2013 09:04AM
Well, too old for rock,,,but the "first concert" I saw was at Texas A&M in 1956,, and it was the Kingston Trio !!!
Re: Rock Concerts
April 29, 2013 10:24AM
My first concert would've been Led Zeppelin in '77, but just as we were getting near the front of a very long line to get our tickets, the crowd started getting ugly. A fracas broke out and someone got pushed through a plate glass window. The police dispersed all of us and then re-sorted the line, which put us back near the rear, so we just left...grrr.

In 1979 we attended the 2nd Texxas Jam...sort of. I had to work late, so as soon as I got off I went to the Cotton Bowl with a friend just in time to see the last act, which was Blue Oyster Cult...we didn't even have tickets, and the ticket takers didn't care, they just let us in. Their act was to have featured a laser light show, which I think is why the few people still there, mostly drunk, hung around. The grandstands were mostly empty by then, so we were all on the floor of the stadium. When they announced that the equipment for the light show was accidentally flown to another city, the crowd got rather testy, so we left before they finished their first song.

My first complete concert was either The Outlaws/UFO or Jefferson Starship, both at Reunion Arena. I think both concerts were in 1980.


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Re: Rock Concerts
May 03, 2013 10:25AM
Ahhh I remember the Kingston Trio....1959-1962. The pride of the Folk movement. Nice neat young guys with short hair, button-down short sleeved shirts and loafers. I wonder if any of them are still above ground? Jim
Re: Rock Concerts
May 03, 2013 10:56AM
Ahhh I remember the Kingston Trio....1959-1962. The pride of the Folk movement. Nice neat young guys with short hair, button-down short sleeved shirts and loafers. I wonder if any of them are still above ground? Jim
Re: Rock Concerts
May 03, 2013 07:21PM
One of the originals, Dave Guard, died well more than 20 years ago, Nick Reynolds and Bob Shane were still alive in the 90s (I think). John Stewart who replaced Guard in the early 60s was also alive back then as I recall. The hayday of the Trio was late 50s to mid 60s but their style of folk music evaporated with the British invasion. I saw a re-invented version of the Trio that included only Bob Shane here in Austin in the late 80s. Google probably has the answer about current status.

Re: Rock Concerts
May 04, 2013 12:16AM
Based on an internet search I believe Bob Shane is still alive.

Dave Lewis
Re: Rock Concerts
May 04, 2013 04:47PM
One of the best I recollect was Derek and the Dominoes at SMU's little McFarland Auditorium about 1970 or 71. Eric Clapton and Dwayne Almond. Dallas native Sam the Sham(Wooley Booley Man) came out and introduced the band. This was the 2nd place they played after Austin when the album Layla came out.

Shortly thereafter Linda Ronstadt played at McFarland. Linda was on fire. Its a wonder the building didnt fall down...

Willie played at a place called 57 Doors on Maple in 73 or so. Right before his 1st outdoor music festival at Abbot,Texas. Just up the street from West. At halftime I turned around from the bar and there was Willie. We drank a beer and talked about Abbot as I was living over at Lake Whitney at the time. Willie is quite an agreeable fellow.

The Police played 57 Doors when their big hit just came out. Im sure many of you remember...ROXANNE. The crowd made them play it 5 times!
Re: Rock Concerts
May 07, 2015 07:12PM
My first concert was the Beatles at Memorial. I was at the club in Medallion Center the night David Crosby was busted. That was supposed to be a birthday present from my best friend and turned out to be one hot, miserable, thirsty evening. My husband and I were at the Stevie Wonder concert at Reunion Arena mentioned in the first post in this thread and were very disappointed when Bob Marley canceled (he had just been diagnosed with cancer). I'd still pay money to see Stevie, though.
Re: Rock Concerts
November 08, 2017 05:27PM
I was at that one too.
Re: Rock Concerts
November 09, 2017 11:09AM
I was always a big, big, big, big, big (Trumpism) music fan. We lived in NO,LA in the early 50s and I was about 8-9. I would save my lunch money and ride a streetcar downtown and go into the French Quarter and stand outside the clubs listening to the music until a bouncer would come out and announce "Go away kid".

I think my first real concert was an R&B show at Memorial about 1956. After that I went to a dozen+ every year. Many were great concerts but some were just awful. Jimmy Reed at Lou Ann's was a great disappointment. He was so high that his wife had to sit beside him and whisper the lyrics to him. Another bad one was James Taylor at SMU also due to his drug problem back then.

Back on subject. Many enjoyable concerts, but any Linda Ronstadt were the BEST. My wife and I had at the last minute scored some tickets to one of her shows at Reunion and our seats were upstairs against the back wall but straight in front of the stage. Knowing how bad these seats were I brought powerful 20X60 binoculars and my wife brought opera glasses (against my advice). Me being such a fan I had hogged the binoculars most of the time and only relinquished them grudgingly a couple of minutes at a time. After the concert in the parking lot, my wife asked me "If Linda came out and asked you to go with her would you go"? My answer was "Umm could you give me some time to think about that?". WRONG ANSWER! My wife began hitting me on the arm and saying "No you answer me this very second". Of course I was laughing so hard there was no way I could have answered. And as most of you know "WIVES NEVER FORGET". She would jokingly bring that up once or twice a year from then on and we would laugh about it. So even though we had lousy seats, it was the most memorable concerts ever.

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