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Rock Concerts

Posted by Kristy 
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 03:09PM
I did some mental calisthenics and realized that it was not the Ozark Mountain Daredevils who played at the Cotton Bowl festival, but Pure Prairie League. I did like the Daredevils, though. It would be nice to go back an listen to some of their work prior to 'Jackie Blue.' Didn't they live communally, up there in the mountains? And by the way, those 'fumes' that we breathed at the festival in 1976 were completely organic and unrefined.
I never heard Phil Collins or Genesis play live, but loved Genesis while they were still somewhat of a 'cult' band. The '80s just seemed to do strange things to Mr. Collins, though there's no denying -- according to my ears -- that 'Against All Odds is a great song.
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 03:24PM
During the '70s, many of us headed to Fort Worth to hear concerts. I can't remember the exact name of the city venue there. Perhaps someone here knows.
I saw 'Yes' at the auditorium in Fort Worth about 1978. I'm still a big fan of theirs. They played on a round, revolving stage, Chris Squire (the bassist) smiled and made eye contact with everybody, and John Anderson brought out his harp. What a treat!
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 03:37PM
My older sister and I had tickets to the first Beatles concert in Dallas -- not sure of the year, maybe 1963? At any rate, I was in elementary school. Daddy bought the tickets for us (world's coolest dad), but Karen somehow talked me out of mine and took her best friend. I have NEVER let her live that down and don't intend to!
First concert I actually got to GO to -- Three Dog Night and Rod Stewart at the Cotton Bowl, 1973 or so. I married the guy who took me to that, in spite of the fact that he showed up in purple bell bottoms and white boots!
Fred Ragsdale
Re: Rock Concerts - J. Crawford
July 24, 2005 03:52PM
Holly, the movie "Indian Paint" was primarily filmed outside. Johnny was an Indian boy that rode a paint horse. Most of the filming was done around Mountain Creek Lake, as the area was still pretty much undeveloped in the 1963-64 time frame. Lots of hills, gullies, etc., at that time. Some of the filming may have been in the area where the National Cemetery and the golf course are today, W of Loop 12. For all I know, they may have filmed at Camp Wisdom, as well, since there were many rugged cliffs and views there and it is near Mountain Creek Lake.
The phone conversation between Johnny and my sister was pretty much what you'd expect from a couple of 13-14 year old kids who had never met. He talked a lot about his horse (was spending the night in the barn to be close to him) and then it was just typical boy-girl talk. Little sis was on cloud 9!
I think sometimes in the late 50's or so, Johnnie Crawford filmed some scenes at Possum Kingdon Lake. A friend of mine's family had a Lake House there. My friend saw some of the filming. He was really let down when he saw them moving trees, and wiring dead birds to tree limbs to shoot the scenes.
Linda Sue
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 04:44PM
It had to have been the Convention Center.
I did not live here in 1978, but I can't think where else it would have been. Anyone?
The Tarrant County Convention Center seems to have an uncanny ability to transform their stage, to suit their show.
I have seen concerts, trade shows, wrestling, and Disney on Ice...all at the Convention Center.
Each time it seemed like a different building!
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 07:36PM
FIRST ROCK CONCERT - The Beatles at Memorial Auditorium. Dad drove me down (I was 11 at the time). I remember all the other artists (Clarence "Frogman" Henry, Jackie DeShannon, etc.) were really great and you could actually hear them! When the Beatles took the stage all the girls on the floor had to stand in their chairs and scream the entire time. With my fingers in my ears I could hear a little bit, but was disappointed that I couldn't hear more. But I wouldn't trade the experience for anything! My wife (same age as me) is still mad that her parents wouldn't let her go. They told her "Oh those Beatles will just be a passing fad and you'll forget about them in a few months!&quotwinking smiley. HAH!
I remember a guy (who I later met at a Sonny and Cher concert) from Hillcrest that was a dead ringer for Ringo (nose and all)! Girls were mobbing him on the auditorium floor. It was all he could do to get away. Of course he had a Beatles suit on too which didn't help!
WORST "NON" ROCK CONCERT - Eric Clapton with Strings - mid-90's! Gag!! "Sunshine of Your Love" with violins and cellos? I don't think so. We're outta there!!!
COOLEST CONCERT - Spyro Gyra at the Palladium on NW Highway (1979). I remember the record company A&R people told us to arrive at 2:00 AM in the morning! We weren't told who it was for or why. They were promoting their album "Morning Dance" (get it?). I was very cool! A small crowd (less than 100) and we danced for several hours! A very neat promotion!
Holly - I know we got lots of free concert tickets while at Sound Town in the 70's - right? Have to make a list sometime. I remember The Who, Pink Floyd, Todd Rundgren, ELP, Gentle Giant (of course), Texas Jam and many more.
Oops! Maybe I only got them because I was the manager and you were the employee. I can't remember. Please refresh my memory!
Re: Rock Concerts - J. Crawford
July 24, 2005 08:04PM
I'm still laughin'--ha ha ! Don't know why that hit me so hard. The bird, I guess. Ha, ha. Once when I was in New Orleans, Rud Weatherwax and Lassie (who was a boy) were there filming in the French Quarter. First, Lassie was pretty, but not as big as I would have thought. Second, they filmed "her" running around the SAME corner for at least half an hour. They must have made her do it at least 10 times ! Sort of bursts the bubble--ha. By the way, I think Johnnie Crawford's name was Mark on the TV show. He was c-u-t-e ! The way he said "Paw". Sigh.....
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 08:21PM
Hey Mr. H..
Mentioning the Beatles!.. This August 5th and 6th at the Bass Hall will be the Beatles Tribute Group, 1964..The Tribute.! I saw these guys last year and they are GREAT.!! I've already got my tickets for the 6th of August. I believe they SOLD OUT last year.! They are that good! For details, go to ...
... or just www.basshall.com ...
Just thought I'd mention it......
Randy Carlisle
Photographically Preserving Dallas History 1 Building @ A Time
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 08:23PM
Could have been Will Rogers Coliseum. There were rock concerts held there in the 70's-80's. The Rolling Stones played there as "The London Green Shoed Cowboys" or something like that.
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 08:28PM
My First Concert was in the Tarrant County Convention Center. (I know, this was'nt in Dallas, but it was my 1st concert).. It Was Alice Cooper in 1977. A buddy of mine was riding with me and my best friend was riding with a buddy of his. (We all went to High School together). I was following them to pick up a girlfriend of one of theirs. In a hurry, we BOTH got a Speeding Tickets and then SHE was'nt even at home!! THEN by the time We arrived, got parked and in the Concert, Alice was in the middle of a Oncore song, then he came back out and did "Schools Out". Then it was OVER.!! What a Waste of a night... And $$$$
And of course, My Mom was'nt to happy with the speeding ticket I got either...
''Those Were The Days''
Photographically Preserving Dallas History 1 Building @ A Time
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 08:29PM
First: The Rolling Stones, 1969, at Moody Collesium. B.B King was the second act, don't remember the opener.
Most uncomfortable but still a great show; Rolling Stones, Voodoo Lounge tour in the mid '90s. Cotton Bowl, floor seats near the back, standing all night, usually in those seats, watching 1 of 2 big screens instead of the stage. To cap it off, it started raining about half way through the show and seldom quit. Still a great show. The Cotton Bowl I think is a great venue for a show like that. I know they did some indoor shows, but I wouldn't think they would be as good.
Best: Probably REO Speedwagon and The Fabulous Thunderbirds in Ft. Worth at the stock yards. Yeah I was still standing, but we were 20 or 30 ft. from the stage and could actually see what was happening. Besides, Stevie Ray showed up during The TBirds set.
Let's see: Eric Clapton twice and Bruce Springsteen once at Reunion. Not a great place, lousy accoustics.
Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Brown, and Asleep At the Wheel somewhere in Ft. Worth. Late '70s
The Eagles at Texas Stadium, good show, great sound, bad view.
And Double Trouble twice, B.B.King, Albert Collins, The Thunderbirds, Moody Blues and Jimmy Buffet at the Starplex and it's predecessor.
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 08:34PM
Hi Randy - I have some friends (Beatlemaniacs) with a huge collection of Beatles memorabilia and they were raving about these guys a few weeks ago. I'll have to check the band calendar and if we don't have gig I might have to check them out.
Oh yeah - Speaking of the Beatles, here's MP3's of all of their Christmas singles and artwork (MP3's at bottom of the page):
You guys know me - always good for a link to the weird or wonderful!
Getting off the subject of Concerts for a second, BUT I see "Talk" about Marshall Matt Dillon..
I often wondered,, What ever happen to the Re-runs of "FURY".???
A Beautiful Black Stallion with a white spot on the front of his ''face''..
They never show it for some reason.. Maybe it was'nt on long enough to have re-runs.???
Photographically Preserving Dallas History 1 Building @ A Time
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 08:40PM
The Who..
Hum, How many "Final Tours" did they Have??
For a Great Video, get the "Kids Are Alright" DVD.!!
Moon and all of the Original Guys.!!
Photographically Preserving Dallas History 1 Building @ A Time
I have on 4 different Cds', Commercials that were on the ZOO, 98-KZEW.. I got them thru George Gimarc. Nice Guy.. These are Commercials of the Concerts that were going on here in the D/FW Area. 1973 to 1979
The First "Texas World Music Festival" AKA Texas Jam, was on July 1, 1978..
The Groups mentioned in the Commercial are:
Ted Nugent
Van Halen
Mahagony Rush
Atlanta Rhythm Section
Eddie Money
Bob Welch
AND The Second "Texas Jam" was on June 9, 1979..
The Groups mentioned in the commercial are:
Van Halen
Blue Oyster Cult
Sammy Hagar
A little "Plug" here, You can order all 4 of these CDs' thru George Gimarcs' Website...
ALOT of Concert Commercials from the Great ZOO, 98-KZEW..
Randy Carlisle
Photographically Preserving Dallas History 1 Building @ A Time
Hi Mr. H..
If U wanna go, better get some tickets.
I believe they will sell out again.! I had 2nd row floor last year! It was really Great!! My Aunt, who lives in Austin ((And Got to see the Beatles when they were in Dallas in 1964)) is coming along with her Friend. They Have a Double CD available. Live Concert. Which is Great. My Aunt was real impressed By the Cd I have as well....... I believe you can still order their Live Cd on their website...
Come along if U Can.!! I know You'll Enjoy it..
Photographically Preserving Dallas History 1 Building @ A Time
Re: Rock Concerts/Texas Jam List
July 25, 2005 06:20AM
Didn't Fleetwood Mac play an early Jam?
Re: Rock Concerts//FURY
July 25, 2005 06:23AM
I LOVE "Fury"! Used to come on in early morning re-runs in the early 70's, probably channel 11 or 39. I actually have two episodes (have only watched one) - you can occasionally find a tape on ebay. Rancher Jim Newton was played by James Arness' brother Peter Graves and Bobby Diamond played Joey.
Re: Rock Concerts//Off the Subject..
July 25, 2005 06:57AM
Just found a great website for "Fury" - www.brokenwheelranch.com - there's even four episodes you can view on-line.
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