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Rock Concerts

Posted by Kristy 
Re: Rock Concerts
August 09, 2005 02:05AM
Joplin, like so many upon whom sudden adulation and fame are heaped, let her private "demons" destroy her. You can imagine growing up unloved and ignored or made an object of ridicule suddenly becoming a "Star" and having people fawn over and kowtow to your every whim. There are always those who will try to shine in the reflected glory of the famous and, many times, they supply and encourage drugs, alcohol, etc. on the famous to remain in their inner circle. I don't think Janis ever had an opportunity to realize that nobody and nothing can make you happy. Only you can do that for yourself! Now I sound like my college lectures on self-esteem! New topic: I typed in "Austin Historical Society" on my "search" block of my Yahoo homepage and it brought up a lot of info such as the fact that there is no such organization and then listed a number of other sites and org.s which fill some of the same functions. You might try that on Fort Worth if you haven't already
Re: Roy Orbison on DVD!!
August 09, 2005 11:04AM
Hey Fred..
Found this on .... www.towerrecords.com .... Website.....
Roy Orbison: Black & White Night
Add To Bag
DVD <------ Available on DvD.!!
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Randy Carlisle
Photographically Preserving Dallas History 1 Building @ A Time
Re: Rock Concerts
August 09, 2005 02:40PM
Yes, that's so very sad about Janis Joplin and others with her measure of gifts.
This message board seems to be pretty unique. Maybe I've missed them, but there doesn't appear to be an interactive, history-based message board for either Fort Worth/Tarrant County or Austin/Travis County (hope that I'm wrong!). I haven't checked for Houston or Harris County.
Back in 2000, I believe that there was such a forum offered through the 'Fort Worth Star-Telegram.' I browsed through the messages there during the same period when the DHS was placing some of the issues of 'Legacies' online.
Fred Ragsdale
Re: Roy Orbison on DVD!!
August 09, 2005 02:50PM
Thanks, Randy.
Glad to hear that Black & White Night has been converted. If I ordered the DVD, I'd THEN have to go buy a DVD player!!
Re: Rock Concerts
August 09, 2005 03:20PM
That is sad because a great deal of history and memories have been preserved by the postings on this board! It's almost reminiscent of the writers who used to go out and gather oral histories on tape from old timers in rural areas, especially in the deep South!
Re: Roy Orbison on DVD!!
August 09, 2005 03:29PM
There ya go. Get a New Collection going..
And DvD players are pretty cheap now..
Re: Rock Concerts
August 09, 2005 04:16PM
Yes, what takes place here is very much 'oral' history, albeit in printed form. It especially is interesting and important, in that it is free-flowing and free-form (no themes, outlines or questions prepared by an interviewer beforehand). One of these days, I suspect, an interested person will be able to learn almost as much about the contributers to the DHS message board -- what was important to them; how they viewed both past and present -- as they will be able to gain sources and insights relating to Dallas history. But, we're all a part of history, anyway, so there ya go!
Re: Rock Concerts
August 10, 2005 12:28AM
One never knows who's going to read this and why! I have certainly learned a great deal and had some false memories set aright by other posters durin the couple of months since I stumbled onto this board. It has been great fun for me! I was never much interested in History in school but, now that "I are history", it has taken on much more importance in my life. I first realized it about 15 years ago when an author wrote to me and asked for my permission to quote from and make use of my Master's Thesis for some research he was doing. Then, when my first student asked me if I remembered teaching her mother back in the early 70's, I felt Hysteric...er, Historical!
Re: Rock Concerts
August 25, 2005 11:27AM
My first concert was '82-83 Sammy Hagar/Night Ranger ; Reunion Arena...ONE TWO THREE LOCK BOX!!!
I saw many concerts thru the 80's but one that really stands out was the Deep Purple Perfect Stranger Tour at Reunion Arena and then again at the Texxas Jamm '85..as far as I can remember!
Other top shows: Krokus,Accept, and Keel at DCC; Black Crowes at the Bronco Bowl '89-90; '83 Texxas Jamm, RUSH Headlining...Alright I'll stop with the flashbacks!!!
My most uncomfortable was at the '87 Texxas Jamm/"Van Hagar" Headlining. Remember Hager loosing his voice and Michael Anthony singing the last 4-5 songs?Anyway, I was in a motorcycle accident 1 month before and had 15 staples holding my left side together and a cast up to my elbow on my left arm. We were about 15 ft from the stage for the whole show. Even though the sraying with the water hoses felt good, it made my cast a little stinky after a couple of days!!! Oh the memories!!!!!!!!!!!
R. C.
Re: Rock Concerts
August 25, 2005 11:45AM
ALL Day Event!!
Re: Rock Concerts
August 25, 2005 01:08PM
The concert I regret not going to....an old boyfriend went to see "trapeze". I'm pretty sure that's who it was. Think I had an algebra test I had to pass so I stayed home to study. They came back with a story which may or may not have been true. Sometimes a story is worth telling just for the sake of the telling.
They said that the lead guitarist was either very high or had a bad guitar tech, because he really, really sucked, and everyone started booing him. He says, "well, if any of you !@#$%^& think you can do better, come on!" So this one guy walks up on stage and holds his hand out for the guitar. The guy from Trapeze says, "so you think you're better than me?" This British voice says, "I bloody well KNOW I'm better than you are" and ripped into the opening bars of "Layla."
Heavy sigh....
Re: Rock Concerts
August 26, 2005 01:53PM
Don't know if the story is true, but I doubt it. The lead guitarist for Trapeze was a guy named Mel Galley, and he was excellent. They were a power trio, with Dave Holland on drums and Glenn Hughes (who left to join Deep Purple)on bass. Although very English, they kind of adopted the Austin area for awhile. I saw them in 1970 as the opening act for the Moody Blues (they were on the Moody Blues record label, Threshold)at Memorial Auditorium. How's that for trivia?
Re: Rock Concerts
August 29, 2005 06:09AM
Wow, that was...35 years ago? I admire your memory. Mine doesn't work that well, I blame it on my children whenever possible. It's a good story anyway!
Re: Rock Concerts
August 29, 2005 05:02PM
Black Sabbath wih OZZY Osbourne at SMU's McFarland Auditorium.... kinda hazy but im guessing it was 19771 or 72... anyone else there???
Re: Rock Concerts
August 29, 2005 07:42PM
Speaking of Black Sabbath.. They were at the "OZZFEST" August 25, last Thursday.!! ALL of the Original Members!! They were Great!!!
Randy Carlisle
Photographically Preserving Dallas History 1 Building @ A Time
Re: Rock Concerts
August 30, 2005 10:21AM
The first concert I ever went to was The Beach Boys at Memorial Auditorium in early '67. Also on the bill was Keith of "98.6" fame and The Buckinghams.
Re: Rock Concerts
August 30, 2005 11:49PM
My best friend got handed down a box of 45's from her big sister(around 10 years older) and we LOVED that Keith song - 98.6. I'm guessing he was a one-hit wonder? The only old singles we played and lip-synched to more were Gladys Knight and the Pips "Midnight Train to Georgia" and a novelty song called "The Martian Hop" (anyone remember that?).
Re: Rock Concerts
April 13, 2013 09:02AM
Hey Holly, I bought my first hat from Manny Gammage down on South Lamar in Austin. I followed Manny and his family to Buda and now you can find Texas Hatters in Lockhart TX "We Top The Best". FMAN
Re: Rock Concerts
April 16, 2013 03:48PM
To answer the question posted at the beginning of this very old thread...my first rock concert was Grand Funk Railroad in 1971 at the Cotton Bowl during the Great State Fair of Texas.
The last show I attended was Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at McFarlin Auditorium, just over a month ago.

Some of the best shows I have ever witnessed were put on by Jerry Haynes' kid's band in the late 1980s.
Me and Betty would frequently run into and chat with Jerry before the shows.
In those days he would not hang around for the pandemonium, though in later years Haynes Sr. would stay for the whole concert.
The band had quite a reputation back in their early years…
Re: Rock Concerts
April 26, 2013 01:41PM
Saw The Who (with Keith Moon) at Memorial Col in 1971 and again about 2 years later at the same venue. Saw Elton John at the Cotton Bowl around 1977 with Steely Dan as the opening act.
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