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Rock Concerts

Posted by Kristy 
Rock Concerts
July 23, 2005 02:32PM
What was your first rock (or pop) concert in the Dallas area and what venue? How about the best concert and where you saw it? The worst or most uncomfortable?
My first: 1979 Stevie Wonder Reunion Arena. I was 13, tagging along with my big sister and friends and had my first wine cooler. Concert was pretty good - but I was more impressed with the cooler. Remember how STEEP the upper level steps were? We were at the very top and when we left, one of my sisters friends who'd had a couple too many waited until the lights came up to go down, sideways, one step at a time and holding on to the seats all the way.
Best AND runner up for most uncomfortable: Counting Crows at the Dallas Music Complex in the mid-90s. Great show in an old crowded warehouse. Standing up, squashed together - wouldn't do it today. I'm sure there were safey code violations, too many people, too small a space.
Most uncomfortable concert-going experience: Texas Jam at the Cotton Bowl, late 80's, headliners were Aerosmith (my most seen band - 8 or 9 times over the years) and Boston (minor bands - Tesla, Poison, big hair and eyeliner everywhere). Soooo hot. We were in seats, not on the field. If you had to leave for a drink or, God-forbid, the bathroom you'd be gone from your seat for a minimum of two hours because of the crowd. Never again.
Re: Rock Concerts
July 23, 2005 03:15PM
Herman's Hermits and Eric Burdon and the Animals.
Mid 60s.
Re: Rock Concerts
July 23, 2005 03:15PM
Working as an usher at State Fair Music Hall in 1956 or 57 for a Rickie Nelson Concert. The first one I'd ever seen--and maybe one of the first in Dallas. Certainly the first time I'd seen girls faint and throw unmentionables on the stage!
Linda Sue
Re: Rock Concerts
July 23, 2005 03:18PM
What a fun subject! I can't remember dates as well as you Kristy, but I know I was at The Jam that year.
We were on the field and I recall being surrounded by a sea of sweaty bodies- yuk. But well worth it!
Some favorites of mine would be Van Halen, Journey, Boston of course.
Favorite place for me was where I saw my more mellow concerts: Starplex.
Some of the most fun for me, but much smaller concerts were the Free Series of Monday Night Concerts , out on the Plaza at Dallas Alley in the early 90's.
Re: Rock Concerts
July 23, 2005 04:32PM
First: 1963 Memorial Auditorium. Performers were Johnny Crawford (Cindys Birthday his one and only hit), Bruce Chennel (Hey Baby) and Paul and Paula. Not much of a concert but it was big stuff back then.
Most Uncomfortable: Any concert at any venue that I've attended in the last seven years what with audience members carring on conversations that are louder than the music and cell phone users jabbering away all the while. Society is so full of rude bastards.
Re: Rock Concerts
July 23, 2005 05:36PM
James Arness
Re: Rock Concerts
July 23, 2005 05:40PM
Mat Dillon? Intersting.
Re: Rock Concerts
July 23, 2005 05:55PM
The Who & Billy Squier at the Cotton Bowl, December 1982. That was awesome. What a way to start. I saw Dylan at the DMC around '95, I had a much better time in that place than you did,I guess. Of course, that was the only thing I saw there.. I can't really think of worst, right now. I think my worst has more to do with bad acts than bad venues.
Re: Rock Concerts
July 23, 2005 08:48PM
I agree, Linda Sue, Starplex and Dallas Alley Plaza were MUCH nicer! Haven't been to a major concert in a while now. I think my last was Aerosmith at Starplex five or six years ago.
Re: Rock Concerts
July 23, 2005 08:51PM
Johnny Crawford of "The Rifleman"??? What was his characters name? I know the Dad was Lucas McCain or something like that. I had a crush on Johnny in re-runs when I was a kid. Never knew he cut a record. Could you hear him over screaming girls? smiling smiley
Re: Rock Concerts
July 23, 2005 08:54PM
James Arness??? Marshall Matt Dillon cut a record? Who watched the early 50's Sci-fi flick "The Thing From Another Planet" a week or so ago? Arness actually played THE THING before he put on the badge.
Re: Rock Concerts
July 23, 2005 08:59PM
I loved the show (Counting Crows) at the DMC - my dislike had to do more with my growing intolerance of being surrounded by crowds of sweaty people. I remember standing on tip-toes through most of the show and peeking through a very small space between two people to see.
Re: Rock Concerts
July 23, 2005 11:17PM
I, too, saw the Who concert in 1982. Unfortunately, I was working concessions, raising money for the school orchestra (I was in the 10th grade). First actual concert with a seat was RUSH (the Signals Tour) at Reunion in 1983. Man, I was soooo impressed! After that, I saw the Cars, the Police, The Texxas Jam, Lionel Ritchie (did I just admit that?), Robert Plant, Pink Floyd, the Moody Blues, U2, YES, ZZ Top, etc...etc. Back then, it was ALL worth it. The price of the ticket, the parking, the $4 beers, the reek of clove cigs (and other smoked herbs) hanging in the air, climbing up to the nosebleed seats...the whole package. Now? Forget it! Incidentally, I'd trade each of these experiences in order to attend a 1960's concert with Eric Burdon and the Animals!
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 12:24AM
Thanks for helping to ease my teenage memory fog, Kristy ... great topic.
I lived in Austin during the mid-1970s, and experienced my first, 'official,' concerts there. It was a "really fine" -- as we used to express it then -- place and time, to say the least.
In December 1975 (I think!), after I returned to Dallas, I saw Joni Mitchell and the LA Express at Memorial Auditorium (sans Tom Scott, I'm informed. Come on, Joni, stand by your man). Ms. Mitchell looked more than gorgeous, clothed in this long, flowing 'coolots' (?) outfit. Her final song was 'Twisted,' and she just stood there, casually adjusting her sleeves now and then, while her voice traveled the octaves like scales had been designed for her. At the very end of the show, she leaned down and managed to talk a Dallas policeman into surrendering his badge to her. What can I say ... she just had this way about her. There was also a funky-looking guy just offstage, hiding beneath a cowboy hat, boots and jeans -- looking like he was wearing them for the first time. We learned the next day that it was Bob Dylan. Great concert!
It would be difficult to choose a best performance, but I guess I'll throw in the Doobie Brothers at Reunion in 1982. They were really tight and rocked in the best way that night. My vote for 'worst' would have to be the Ozark Mountain Daredevils at that multi-band thing they used to hold at the Cotton Bowl -- must have been 1976 or so. It wasn't the Daredevils' fault, though: I might as well have stayed home sleeping for all I heard of them, and they were the main darned reason I went there. Too many fumes.
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 12:32AM
Johnny Crawford cut a record? He was more than cute. Ebay, here I come ....
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 12:54AM
I am afraid I pre-date you by a century or so but I remember my first Rock n Roll Show was in about 1959 and it was Jerry Lee Lewis at the old Sportatorium! The best was Janis Joplin in 1970 at Gregory Gym at UT Austin shortly before she died. Runner up was Elton John atMemorial Auditorium and I can't recall a worst (I can't recall a lot of things from the 60's & 70's!
Fred Ragsdale
Re: Rock Concerts - J. Crawford
July 24, 2005 01:09AM
Holly, about 1963-64 I managed an apartment complex in Oak Cliff (while working at TTA at Love Field at night).
Living next door was a movie director (friend of the owner of the apartments). He made a couple of movies in the Dallas area, including "Indian Paint", with Johnny Crawford in the role of a young Indian boy. Rory Calhoun was in the movie, as well, and also had a "free apartment" (by that time he was pretty washed-up and was always drunk).
The director often held parties, but would invite me and the wife who, as the managers, would help to hold down the noise and reduce complaints from other residents. At one party, my parents and little sister...about 13-14 at the time and totally enamored with Johnny Crawford, attended.
The director found out that she was "in love" with Johnny, went to his bedroom phone and called Johnny in California. He then gave the phone to my sister, left the room and closed the door.
My sister talked with Johnny C. for over an hour! He was talking from a phone in the stable, where he was spending the night with his sick horse.
Needless to say, it was an event my little sis will never forget.
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 07:23AM
Holly, interesting you should list the Ozarks as your worst concert. One of the best I've been to was the at McFarland Auditorium in about 1974 and the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, who I'd never heard of until that night, opened for, oh I can't even remember who it was, blew me away and I still think of that night often. However, one of the most disappointing concerts I've attended has to be the Ozark Mountain Daredevils at the Palladium on NW Highway in 1977 after their one and only hit record "Jackie Blue". Seemed like they were just mailing it in by then.
Has anyone ever walked out on a concert? I walked out on Phil Collins at Reunion Arena, I'm sure he was crushed, due to the fact that he would yammer on for about five minutes between songs. People were yelling things like "shut the @$%# up and sing" and "boring, boring, boring". Finally had enough and left. Of course, the tickets I had were free. :-)
Re: Rock Concerts
July 24, 2005 08:32AM
My first concert was Three Dog Night and Rare Earth at Memorial Auditorium. Good show as I remember.
Some favorites were Grand Funk Railroad at Memorial Auditorium, Lynard Skynard at TCCC; Allman Bros., Joe Walsh and Charlie Daniels at Texas Stadium; Stevie Wonder at Memorial; Eric Clapton and Freddie King at TCCC; Freddie King anywhere; Rolling Stones and ZZ Top at the Cotton Bowl (I think ZZ Top blew the Stones away).
I was disappointed both times i saw Led Zeppelin.
The worst venue to me is Billy Bob's; the best is Bass Hall.
Darrell Spring
How neat, Fred! Thanks for sharing that. I'd had no idea that movies were filmed around the Oak Cliff area back then. Where did they create the sets?
That Johnny Crawford ... what a sweetheart. I'd like to know what he talked about with your sister, but I'll let her keep that as her private memory. Taking the call from his barn: golly, what can you say? I never knew what became of him following 'The Rifleman.' Perhaps there's a fan site out there somewhere so some of us older gals (and younger, if they're wise) can swoon over him again.
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