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Planter's Peanuts

Posted by Earl Crumbie 
Planter's Peanuts
August 30, 2004 08:52AM
In the early 30s there was a Planter's Peanut Store on the north side of Elm St. west of the Palace theatre. Mr. Planter Peanut walked in front of the store giving out free samples. In the same area was a cafeteria. Does anyone remember which cafeteria it was?
Re: Planter's Peanuts
August 30, 2004 11:58AM
I believe it was Dunston's Cafeteria. In many of the pictures you can make out the Cafeteria part, but the name is hard to see.
Mr. Peanut was one of my favorite places. Gave me a life-long love for roasted peanuts!
Re: Planter's Peanuts
August 30, 2004 12:13PM
It was Dunston's as I remember. Also if you were lucky on some days Mr Peanut had chocolate covered peanuts. On these days you would walk up and down the street several times.
It was indeed Dunston's Cafeteria, and I ate there in the 1950s a lot. There were double lines, and there was also a little organ in there.
The Planter's Peanut store had a little mechanical "peanut man" who tapped on the glass with his cane. He had a top hat and a monocle and was standing on a huge layer of peanuts in the shell.
Oops, spelling should have read Dunton's Cafeteria. Slip of the brain.
Re: Planter's Peanuts
September 02, 2004 10:01AM
Is it my imagination or was there a Picadilly cafeteria downtown sometime in the 40'a or 50's?
Robert Rice
September 02, 2004 12:02PM
Yes and I think it was on Commerce--perhaps between the Magnolia Bldg and Neiman's.
Re: Picadilly
September 02, 2004 02:40PM
Taht fits my recollection as well, Mr. Johnston
Re: Picadilly
September 03, 2004 06:47AM
IIRC, the Picadilly was where the first civil rights sit in, as far as Dallas is concerned, took place back in the 60s. Anyone remember this?
Re: Picadilly
September 03, 2004 11:52AM
I remember the civil rights sit-in and protesting picket lines on Commerce outside Picadilly
Jim Stinson
Planter's Peanuts man and a stuffed polar bear.
September 05, 2004 04:59PM
In my failing memory, the Planter's Peanuts man is associated with the Queen Theater, like perhaps next door. Another childhood memory that is about to fade off the screen completely is that of a stuffed polar bear in a glass case in the foyer of a downtown store. As a kid I had bad dreams about that bear - as an ancient adult, I can just vaguely remember it. Anyone know what I'm thinking about?
Your nightmares may be your imagination, but your memories are real. It was actually a "chain" of stores (clothing?) and each store had the bear. I remember the one on Jefferson Ave in Oak Cliff. My Mother, 84/yr for ref., told me one time about the chain being a sponsor of the Authur Godfrey radio show - his talking about the ugly bears - sponsors getting mad and cancelling - vewiers calling and protesting and the sponsors reinstating their account. There is no such thing as "bad pub".
I will see if I can jog my Mother's memore as to th name of the stores.
Was it Ring & Brewer?
I don't believe therewas any connection between the Queen theatre and Mr. Planter's Peanut. There was an actual Planter's Peanut store that sold peanuts of all fashions and coatings.
Who mentioned rRing and Brewer? I had forgotten about them completely. As I now recall, they were men's clothiers. They were the official supplers in Dallas for the high school ROTC Officer's uniformers and possibly for the armed forces.
Jim Stinson
Re: Planter's Peanuts man and a stuffed polar bear
September 21, 2004 02:51PM
Earl, all I was meant was that it seems to me that the Planter's Peanut store was next door to the Queen Theater, associated in location, only. I remember the smell of roasting peanuts heavy in the air and a man in a Mr. Peanut costume handing out spoonful samples of hot roasted peanuts, and it seems to me it was close to the Queen Theater. Maybe not. I would guess that the polar bear was in the foyer of a smaller store than Ring & Brewer, like maybe a furrier, or something like that.
The peanut store also sold all types of nuts and a wide assortment of candies, many of which I suspect are no longer made today. It was a fantasyland of flavors for children of all ages.....
I'm sitting here looking at a picture of the Planters Peanuts store sign between Dunton's Cafeteria and a store called Dundee. It is in the 1600 block of Elm down a few doors west from the Palace theatre and before the Rialto. The picture is from the 1950s. It is in color and is a night shot, but it is too blurry to read the marquee at the Palace or I could tell you the exact year. BTW, don't let the "net nannies" intimidate any of you if you can't remember an EXACT location!
Jim Stinson
Re: Planter's Peanuts man and a stuffed polar bear
September 21, 2004 10:51PM
Jeanette, on page 105 of your "Street of Dreams", there is a diagram of the 1948 layout of the 1500 and 1600 blocks of Elm. You show the Planter's Peanut shop to be 5 doors away from the Queen theater, but the four intervening businesses span only 39 feet, according to your diagram. Viewed from this distance in time, that is almost as good as next door, well within the tolerances of a 60+ year memory.
Jim, I don't know about 1946 but in the late 50's when I was going to the planter's place it was a narrow structure as was the newsstand nextdoor to it. I don't recall the other shops but they all probably had narrow entrances.
My memories of the Planter's location is east of the Rialto but my older friends remember a location near the Queen. I assume. like other businesses, it moved to the better location.
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