M C Toyer
Dal-Hi / P C Cobb Stadium
July 09, 2004 01:27PM
The stadium was built on the site of the 1888 city reservoir on present Oak Lawn between Stemmons and Harry Hines.
The maps and photos I have seem to indicate the football field and bleachers were actually in the excavated area of the eastern half of the reservoir, but my menory from the times I attended games there is vague.
Does anyone have any memories and/or photos showing the detail of the stadium / bleachers or if any remants of the reservoir were apparent?
Ralph Black
Re: Dal-Hi / P C Cobb Stadium
July 09, 2004 01:46PM
M C I sold programs and hot dogs at Dal-Hi. My memorie is the stadium was sunk down into the depression, a track for field events ran around the football field, the north end had a big space I think for shot put and discus, the basketball court was housed at the south end close to Oak Lawn, the Gill well was across the street. The press box was on the west side. There were no visible traces of the reservoir or dam except for the depression but the stadium flooded often and made a new reservoir each time
I have a few rather fuzzy pictures taken from the stands in 1958 but the detail is very poor. I'll look for them and if there's anything useful will let you know.
Speaking of remenants, I think I still have a few splinters in my butt from those damn bleachers.
M C Toyer
Re: Dal-Hi / P C Cobb Stadium / Gill Well
July 09, 2004 02:34PM
Ralph -
Thanks again.
The aerial photos I have are too distant to make out much detail and the various maps show slightly different configurations of the reservoir.
The reservoir did have two separate sections and the aerial photos seem to show the water reflects light differently. I suppose one was newly pumped in and the other filtered, or at least settling.
I have an early postcard view of the reservoir and it shows different water levels in the two sections which might also account for the shading variations in the aerial photo.
There is also a photo of the reservoir under construction on page 115 of A C Greene's "Dallas - The Deciding Years' (miscaptioned White Rock Dam).
I don't know if any part of the reservoir might have been used directly for the stadium bleachers, but the general shape and slope are fairly close.
Also the ca 1960s TOPO maps show the stadium, minus the field house, almost completly filling a depression which appears manmade from the regular shape.
What do you recall about Gill Well then? Was there a fountain or spigot or any covering structure?
There is a photo of the "Gill Well Bath House and Natatorium" on page 199 of William McDonald's "Dallas Rediscovered." Do you know if that structure was across from the stadium or was it located at Reverchon Park?
Ralph Black
Re: Dal-Hi / P C Cobb Stadium / Gill Well
July 09, 2004 03:03PM
M C The Gill well across from Dal Hi was just a faucet beside Oak Lawn, lmost in the street. The other was in Riverchon park. People used to line up to fill their jugs. This was in the late 40s, early 50s
I have lots of memorys of old PC. I just can't put them on the message board..
Fred Ragsdale
Re: Dal-Hi / P C Cobb Stadium
July 09, 2004 10:55PM
No photos, and didn't even know about the old reservoir until I found this message board a couple of years ago.
Do have memories of attending some Stockard and Sunset football games at the stadium, before Sprague Field was opened. Fantastic running back Herman Necker just leaping tacklers and scoring touchdowns..... Jerry Rhome and Jerry Mays from Sunset, Kenny Swofford from SOC....
Remember one bad night when it was sleeting and we were all sitting on those splintered, wooden benches on the West side, maybe playing North Dallas or Adamson. Was great for cuddling with the girl friends to stay warm, but (as someone else mentioned) we later had to pick the splinters out of our jeans.
Most vivid memory i ahve of PC is attending ROTC Drill Team competiton there. Guy on one of the teams lost control of his rifle doing a verticle spin and slashed the back of the thigh of the guy ahead of him - vertical cut, probably three inches deep at the center. MEssed up that team's performance and a pretty bloody mess (team was performing with bayonets mounted). Fortunately, there was an ambulance and aid team present, and the victim was quickly on his way to PArkland to be sewed up.
I am pleased to nbe able to report (a) i wasn't the lad who did the cutting; (b) wasn't the lad whop got cut 9and had a pair of Class uniform pants ruined); and (c) not a member of either the team involved or a student at the school it came from - can't recall which school it was, in fact, but not Sunset...
Was the Gill Well you refer to the old Gyp Well that was in Reverchon Park just west of Maple?
I attended a lot of High School football games at PC Cobb in the early 40s but being a teenager, I had other things on my mind besides reservoirs. Can't help on that.
M.C. the photos I mentioned above are useless but there is a postcard of Cobb Field on EBAY if you want to check it our.
M C Toyer
Re: Dal-Hi / P C Cobb Stadium
July 12, 2004 01:49PM
Jerry -
Thanks. It certainly looks like the football field and track are in a depression. The top of the eastern bleachers (bottom on postcard) appears near grade level with the fieldhouse and roadways.
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