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Where did Thomas L. Marsalis go?

Posted by Jim Barnes 
Yes, having the certificate number will certainly expedite the search. Your find also validates our April 12, 1926 date of death. I am also heavily leaning to the theory that T.L., Sr. did not die in Manhattan because I have done every conceivable wild card search on this Italian database, which seems to be very thorough, and can find nothing. However I am wondering if the Deila Marsalis listed with her could be LAILA. Remenber she was on the 1920 census (taken in Jan.) but nothing found of her from then on. I'll recheck age dates for her and if they match I'll also ask for her certificate.
Jim, the "Deila" listed is Laila. She did die Nov. 20, 1920. I am online requesting her certificate as well. I foung the Italian and German Gruops on Google. Its interesting that between the same 2 listings they have her recorded as Deila Marsalis, Laila Marsolis, and Laila Marsalis.
The home page for the website of the "Italian Genealogical Group" is:
Thanks Sharon, hopefully Tom Marsalis will be buried with them and we can do a simple phone call to the cemetery and get his burial date data.
I'm surprised that we didn't pick up any "New York Times" obituary notices for Elizabeth Marsalis or her daughter (whose name is spelled with such unvarying inconsistency that I don't feel like I know what it really is).
A Correction for the Record here please:
The railway line through Claiborne Parish, Jackson Parish, and Lincoln Parish in north central Louisiana wasn't constructed until 1883.
Re: Where did Thomas L. Marsalis go?
July 21, 2013 10:50AM
I looked through this topic and then searched for the death.
Name: Thomas L. Marsalis
Birth Date: 4 Oct 1852
Age at Death: 67
Death Date: 1919
Burial Place: Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey, USA

I have no doubt that all the interested parties found this out eight years ago and so the thread was allowed to die, but since it is a rare place to find T L Marsalis, Jr., I am interested. My interest in him is that while he was at Harvard, he raced with George C. Cannon on a number of world's track records with steam cars in 1903-1904, and I am writing an extensive research article on Cannon. Apparently Marsalis and Cannon managed their own incomes and did not have positions of employment. It would be interesting to discover what Marsalis did in later life. I began in steam automotive development in 1966 and seem to be back in the same profession, neither independently wealthy or retired despite my best efforts.
Karl Petersen
Boise and Florida
Re: Where did Thomas L. Marsalis go?
July 21, 2013 04:04PM
Karl -

Interesting connection. I hope you continue to share your findings here.

Re this thread the two primary contributors, Jim Barnes and Sharon Marsalis, published their research here:

Legacies - Fall 2007

Boise Idaho?

Re: Where did Thomas L. Marsalis go?
July 22, 2013 06:06AM
Karl, thank you for the inquiry. I rarely come here but this morning just happened to and saw the thread. Thank you M.C. for responding to his inquiry.

Since the research begun here by James Barnes and myself and greatly aided by many members of this forum I have not focused on T.L., Jr. but instead have been mostly living back in the 17th and 18th Centuries with his Dutch ancestors in New Jersey trying to find some lost cousins of his line.
Over the years Jim (primarily) and I have continued to look at T.L., Jr's estate in Maryland.
We know that T. L, Jr had money from both sides of his family. His mother and his father. He retired at a very early age and he and Lillian left their mountain top home in Montclair to move to the historic My Lord's Gift in Maryland. We know his daughter Barbara married into a prominent family of New Yorkers named Lucke and had one child, a son.

In case you do not have the info I have copied portions of a post I made on the Essex County, NJ Message Board at rootsweb or ancestry.com in October 2005:

T.L, Jr had attended the Cutler School in NY before attending Harvard (A.B.1904). Lillian Davenport and he were married 6 June, 1914 at the Lafayette Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn where her parents lived.
(As best I recall the young couple lived in Verona for a while)
T.L, Jr started as a specialist on the New York Curb Exchange (now the American Stock Exchange) where he was a charter member. In 1917 he formed the firm of Thomas Marsalis & Company at 11 Wall Street. In 1918 he spent a few months as a First Lt. in the Motor Transport Corps. By 1930 he had moved to a 750 acre farm, My Lord's Gift, Queenstown, MD where for a time he raised purebred Guernseys and several crops. He remained a senior partner in his NY firm but seldom went back.
In Queenstown he was president of the Queenstown Bank of Maryland, in WWII he was on the Queen Anne Co War Board, on the County Transportation Committee and in the Aircraft Warning Service. Lillian and he were very active in Eastern shore society.
Barbara, their only daughter was born in 1915 and died in 1963. She grew up in Montclair and attended the Kimberly School. By 1919 T.L and Lillian and Barbara had built a house on Crestmont Rd on the side of Montclair Mt.
Barbara married Charles E. Lucke of NYCity in Queenstown MD. Many residents of Montclair attended according to newspaper accounts.

That is all the pertinent info I have on T.L, Jr. Within the last few months an updated revised bio of T.L.,based mostly on the report James Barnes and I wrote, was posted at Texas Handbook Online. I have often thought that Junior being a native of Dallas should have his own bio and this adds to that thought. From all indications he was a fine man and , though blessed with money and material goods, led a successful, productive life by his own merits.

Edited to finish the post which somehow posted too early. Anyway this edit is to say that T.L., Jr 's and Lillian Davenport Marsalis' grave markers can be found online at Find A Grave. Look for Old Wye Episcopal , Talbot County, Maryland, Thomas Marsalis 1884 - 1966
Lillian Davenport Marsalis 1892 - 1963.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 07/22/2013 06:36AM by Sharon Marsalis.
Re: Where did Thomas L. Marsalis go?
May 08, 2015 02:58AM
i went to first grade in Oak CLiff to the school named after him and was sitting in first grade there when President Kennedy was shot.
Re: Where did Thomas L. Marsalis go?
July 20, 2016 02:36PM
This entire thread was fascinating! And to see it culminate in the fantastic Legacies article was so satisfying. Thanks to everyone here who contributed, but especially to Sharon and Jim -- great work!
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