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Stores of Long Ago

Posted by Rob E. 
Re: Stores of Long Ago
April 05, 2004 04:13PM
Near the Raven's was Brooklawn Hardware. The guy who ran the store was nice and helpful. He helped us build derby type cars, tree houses, and anything else we could dream up!
The Humble station was owned by Joe Jones who also is still the biggest single winner of the Texas lotto. His mechanic, Herb, helped us repair cars when we got in over our skill level!
The grocery store behind the Humble station was L&S if I remember right.
Re: Stores of Long Ago
April 07, 2004 05:50PM
Darn! I thought of a couple more.
Toddle House (saw a postcard on E-bay today that reminded me). There's still building on Lover's Ln.
Dobb's House
Re: Stores of Long Ago
April 07, 2004 06:13PM
How about Sterlings and Cullum and Boren. If someone posted I missed them.
Re: Stores of Long Ago
April 08, 2004 02:03PM
Rememebr that area well, and the more recent loss of the strip on teh north side wehn it had a fire.
Randy, you are just a bit younger than I - while you were earning a dollar or two sweeping the 7-11, I was a young (age 25) Army captain doing my Vietnam tour. Ah, for the good (?) old days... sure enough thought they were pretty good when I got off Tom Braniff's 707 at Love Field the day i got home at the end of August 1969...
Re: Stores of Long Ago
April 12, 2004 04:28PM
These may have been listed previously and I overlooked them:
Fed Mart (discount house)
Howards (same)
W.T. Grant (big dimestore, kinda a junior discount house)
Mr. M (convenience store)
Music World (records)
Spirit of the Rebirth of America (head shop)
Mary's Hot Biscuit (restaurant on Harry Hines)
Woolco (discount house---their record albums always averaged about a quarter or more cheaper than ...
Montgomery Wards
Re: Stores of Long Ago
April 13, 2004 03:04PM
"We Hatch Grow Prepare and Fry'em!" was the slogan outside of Youngbloods. The sign was neon and showed a chicken in all these different life stages. One place in Waco and one on NW Hwy in Big D.
Re: Stores of Long Ago
April 14, 2004 06:13AM
Lights Fantastic
Rogers Electric
Carpetguild USA
Mr. M ("M" for Metzger's Milk, I believe)
H. L. Green
Re: Stores of Long Ago
October 15, 2004 12:27PM
A.Harris Shopping Center . . . so that was it's name. I remember the A.Harris department store and maybe a Tom Thumb and Wyatt's or similar cafeteria . . . seemed like there was a Dunlap-Swain (Humble) service station on the Kiest side. I think I remember this shopping center as being more than one level, but open air. During the Christmas holidays, I remember a huge Santa that spoke to us kids and we could talk back through a microphone . . . I think . . . it's been too many years. I lived in south Oak Cliff from about 1957 through 1967. Lived in the Oakland Hills subdivision (35E & Cherrypoint). Attended a brand new T.G. Terry Elementry, T.W. Browne Jr. High, Atwell Jr. High, and given the choice to go to Kimball or a brand new D.W. Carter High and be the first full graduating class . . . my friends and I chose Carter. Lots of good "old" memories from in and around this neighborhood . . . Hi-Vue Drive- In . . . Zangs Bowl . . . Polk Terrace . . . Wynnewood Village . . . Dallas Open (Oak Cliff Country Club), etc.
Speaking of stores of long ago . . . does anyone remember SAGE? It was like the WalMart of the day. I'll stop rambling now . . . peace to all.
Re: Stores of Long Ago
October 15, 2004 04:41PM
I do remember one SAGE store. I lived in Irving and in the late 1950's and early 1960's there was a SAGE store on Irving Blvd near where the old Collins Radio plant was located. SAGE stood for "Serving All Goverment(al) Employees."
At the time I worked for Temco Aircraft Corp in Grand Prarie and to be allowed to shop in the SAGE store I had to register and show my Temco badge as proof that I worked for the type of government organization that they catered to. They issued me a "SAGE" card and when you went there if you didn't have a card you couldn't get in. I also remember that I was allowed to take in one "non-member" guest with me each time I went. A lot of my friends pestered me to take them in there with me. It was great stuff!
SAGE had everything from electronics to auto parts. I bought my first expensive 35mm camera there.
Jim Stinson
Sage info
October 15, 2004 05:08PM
Check this out for previous Sage postings
Re: Stores of Long Ago
October 15, 2004 06:23PM
I lived in the Oakland Hills division too. My first year at T.G.Terry was when they still had the old style wooden buildings all connected together. Those were used while they were building the new school building.
Alot of the memories that you've posted are my memories too.
Re: Stores of Long Ago
October 18, 2004 10:53AM
I realize this is an old thread, but I remember talking to that giant Santa too. I often wondered if that Santa was retired and morphed into Big Tex at the fair. I read once that Big Tex was originally a giant Santa, but I couldn't remember if the change was about the same time. I do know that they were never seen in public together!
Re: Stores of Long Ago
October 27, 2004 08:32PM
I think we went to A Harris to Olin Mills to get photo's of our kids in the 60's. It had a store that had a little of everything but I can not remember the name. Also I bought shoes there at a shoe store, may have been Austins.
Re: Stores of Long Ago
October 27, 2004 08:36PM
They also had a Russel Stover's Candy Store in the shopping center.
Re: Stores of Long Ago
October 28, 2004 05:30AM
The general store you might be referring to was Grant's, I think. There was also a Butler Shoes across from Thom McCann. My barber, Mr. Wharton, had his shop in that corner (A. Harris Barbers, I think). There was a fountain there in the corner, it had water in it about 1/3 of the time!
Re: Stores of Long Ago
October 28, 2004 09:23PM
You are right it was Butler's shoe store. Was Grants, W. T. Grants because that sounds familure now that you named it to me.
Re: Stores of Long Ago
October 29, 2004 01:06PM
There was a Bakers Shoes, as well. One door opened to the west, parking lot side, and another into the "mall". It was on the north end. Funny the things we remember. There was a cafeteria, I think Gastons. And big round planter boxes with benches all the way around them, which we kids had to walk on every time we went to the A Harris Shopping Center. Must have driven our parents mad.
Re: Stores of Long Ago (Shakey's Pizza)
February 19, 2005 11:45PM
Okay, I know the response to this post is a bit out of date, but speaking of Shakey's and it's memories, remember the words to their jingle?
"It's the only real authentic; the first original certified genuine family pizza parlor in the world. Shakey's!"
That came out in about 1969, I think.
Re: Stores of Long Ago
April 13, 2005 11:36PM
Did anyone ever shop at Everybody's Dept. Store in Downtown Ft. Worth , it was on the corner of Belknap and Throckmorton. Just across the street from Leonard Bros.Dept. Store. Leonard's Dept. Store was like WalMart of today,they had all you could ever want,I mean everything.How's this for Stores of Long Ago.I wonder if anyone remembers the ole drive inns like The Red Canary that used to be on Berry St. in Ft. Worth and there was another on University Dr. that I can't remember the name of ,just before you crossed the river bridge,anyone remember?
Re: Stores of Long Ago
April 14, 2005 12:13AM
I remember Leonard Brothers.......What a wonderful store and you're right; they had everything that you could ever want. I really hated it when they were sold.
I've never in my life heard of The Red Canary Drive-In but we have a great guy on this message board that loves drive-ins; Randy Carlisle. I bet he's heard of it.
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