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Stores of Long Ago

Posted by Rob E. 
I can't resist this awful joke:
Piggly-Wiggly was going to merge with the H. E. Butts stores and they were going to call it Wiggly-Butts.......
Jeanette (who is known for repeating awful teen age type jokes of long ago)
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 29, 2004 09:34AM
Did not A. Harris merge with Sanger Bros. to form Sanger-Harris?
I left Dallas when Sanger's became Foley's (those sorry b******s from Houston)...
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 29, 2004 09:56AM
more for the list:
Weber's Root Beer Stands
A & W Root Beer Stands
Rockfeller's Hamburger
Red Bryan's (original not franchised)
The Sanger-Harris in Oak Cliff was in the triangle of I-35, Beckley and Keist.
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 29, 2004 02:03PM
Altho there was only 2, In Oak Cliff and in Houston, let us not forget.....
Sivils Drive In......
Located the the "Y" of Davis and Ft. Worth Ave.
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 29, 2004 02:04PM
I think the first major shopping center in Oak Cliff after Wynnwood was the A. Harris Shopping Center, later of course Sanger-HArris, and then closed and sold to DISD.
I don't think anybody mentioned one of my favorite downtown stores - Dreyfuss & Co, on Main sort of diagonally across from Neiman-MArcus. Boy was that a NICE store, with people who really knew what they were doing. LAter Woolf Bros (which had actually owned Dreyfuss for a long time). When i got married (thirty years ago this august - can't be right, seems like just yesterday) i got a really nice sport jacket and pair of slacks for my "going away" outfit (somehow Dress Blues didn't seem like the thing to wear as we left, any more than Carlie wanted to wear her wedding dress as we headed off on the honeymoon...).
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 29, 2004 02:32PM
I know it (Sivils) was'nt actually a store per-say, but It was a Popular place back in the day.!
Humm, I was thinking, And I know this will cover a few stores that are now gone, But what about the Oak Cliff Mall. Located at Hampton Rd and Ledbetter. There were stores in their that I'm sure are not around anymore. Albertsons sits on the land now..
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 29, 2004 10:10PM
Sound Town!
I use to manage the stores in Preston Center, Valley View Mall and The Promenade in Richardson!
No - Not all at the same time! Spent seven years with them. The pay wasn't great but there were lots of free records and concerts!
I had Roger Daltry from The Who in my store at Valley View Mall when Tommy, The Movie came out! 5000 screaming fans (mostly female)! They tore the doors off the tracks and it made the front page of both papers!
I still have over 5000 (vinyl) albums and lots of memorabilia from the 70's! And yes, I still listen to them and even occasionally take the ones that never came out on CD and transfer them over to CD on my PC.
Don't forget Discount Records (different from Disc), Sound Warehouse and Peaches!
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 29, 2004 10:29PM
Yeah - I forgot Melody Shop. Bought my 1st Beatles album at the one in Inwood Village.
Some more:
Whittle Music Co.
Arnold and Morgan Music
Country Club Pharmacy
Mott's 5 & 10
Davenport's 5 & 10
Kips (home of the Big Boy)
Did someone mention A & P?
Southern Ice House
Cabell's Minit Markets
And hey what about all those Slot Car racing tracks that were all over town back in the 60's! There's a newer one around the corner from me up here in Plano!
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 29, 2004 10:49PM
Fred Ragsdale
Aside, To Art
March 29, 2004 10:56PM
Off topic, I know, but I seen earlier postings by you, Art, referring to Daltry so figured you to be a fan.
Roger Daltry has had a very good after-Who career. He appeared as a guest star in many of the shows in the "Highlander" series on TV, as an immortal and in mostly comedic episodes. He also has been the host on a series done by the History Channel about "Extreme History", wherein he retraces the steps and trials of folks like Lewis & Clark, trying to use the same equipment they did and performing the same feats. He is very good in such roles!
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 30, 2004 05:40AM
That was Westcliff Mall, Randy.
SuperX Drugs
Zales Jewelry
Sammy's Resturaunt
Gordon's Jewelry
My orthodontist, Dr. Stringfellow, had his offices in the Professional Building. There was also a children's clothing store whose names escapes me...
Don't forget FED-MART!!
Highland Appliance (Highland Superstores)
Piccadilly Cafeteria (still one at the old Forum 303 Mall, last I checked)
Wyatt's (later Kroger-Wyatt)
Kennedy and Cohen
Thomas and Hart
Page Drug Stores (later Tom Thumb-Page)
Pancho's on McKinney (not part of Poncho's, later renamed Pancho's when the original went under)
Spanish Galleon
Seven Seas
Wise Circle Grill (or was it Evans?)
Wilson's (later Service Merchandise)
O.G. Wilson
Pacific Stereo
Sound Climax
Stereo Dallas
Hot Rocks
John's Jeans
L. P. Goodbuy
Best Products Showroom
Columbus (at Northpark)
Orange Julius
Brake Check
Shook Tire Company (formerly Leonard's Tire)
Carousel Raceway
Zuider Zee
Carl's Jr.
Jack's Auto Supply
Hamburger USA
J. Brannam
Colbert-Volk (later Volk's, already mentioned)
The Cathay House
Sleep Country/Sofa Country
The Mod Shop
Video Concepts
Southern Kitchen
The Wren's Den
Robert Hall's
Allied Radio Shack
5-7-9 Shop
And malls:
Westcliff Mall (Ledbetter and Hampton)
Seminary South/Hulen Fashion Mall (FW)
Red Bird Mall (now SW Center Mall)
Northtown Mall
Prestonwood Towne Center
Forum 303
Big Town
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 30, 2004 05:46AM
And Blanks Real Estate was at Westcliff, too.
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 30, 2004 08:20AM
Lest we forget Irby-Mayes and Gus-Roos Men's stores downtown too.
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 30, 2004 08:32AM
Remember the 'GREEN STAMP STORE" and was there a
"GOLD STAMP", too?
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 30, 2004 09:24AM
Poll Parrot Shoes
Buster Brown Shoes
Peaches Records and Tapes
Shakey's Pizza
Art Grindle Loop 12 Dodge
Orange Julius
Little Bit of Sweden
Chicken Delight
Youngbloods Fried Chicken
Leslies Chicken Shack
And, by God, the biggest crime of all:
Henderson's Fried Chicken (State & Thomas St.)
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 30, 2004 10:17AM
"Tommy"!! Too cool. I remember going to see Tommy at the Casa Linda Theatre when it came out.!
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 30, 2004 10:19AM
Oh Yea.! You're right. Sure don't look the same there now.! I remember going in the Mall not to long before it was closed... Just more memories added to the ole "Memory hat"..
Re: More Stores ....
March 30, 2004 10:22AM
Lets see.. How about....
Jewel T
Texas T
Best Stores
Service Merchandise
Re: Stores of Long Ago
March 30, 2004 11:37AM
Let's see - Southern Kitchen, Dunstan's Steaks, Blue Plate Restaurant (downtown, on Elm near the COurthouse if I recall correctly; might have been on MAin, but i think Elm). Torch of the Acropolis. Semos Restaurant at the little triangle where West Commerce and Fort Worth Avenue split. Lots of others.
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