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Oram Homestead

Oram Homestead
November 29, 2003 08:38AM
Some friends of mine bought a house a while back at 1822 Euclid. They had been told the house was formerly the original Oram Dairy Farm House/Plantation. In looking up some info for them, I couldn't find anything identifying it as the Oram Dairy farm. I looked in the Murphy & Bolanz Ledgers from 1880-1920 in the Levingston Place Addition. Their house and land are shown as lots #13 and 15 on Euclid (at the corner of Alta & Euclid). The Kansas City Investments Company bought a lot of these properties. Lots 13 and 15 were owned by E. W. Link in 1901. The house is intriguing, and they are re-doing it, being as true to the original structure as they can be. Great interior. A subterraneum tunnel they foundin the backyard while putting in a swimming pool, leads to a large underground room, maybe a cooling room or furnace room? They are going to have it excavated. They found lots of glass jars, bottles, etc.
The subdivision of the Oram Homestead didn't go west beyond Greenville Ave. but lay to the east of Greenville Ave. according to the Ledger info.
My friends said the real estate agent who sold them the property kept promoting the idea that it was the original Oram Dairy plantation/farmhouse.
But I later found he didn't know as much about the history of East Dallas as he thought. He said "Well, it makes for a good sales point."
Hmmm. Sounds a tad questionable to me.
Any of you all know where the real original Oram Dairy was located?
Or any suggestions where else I might look? I've Googled a lot but could only find the Oram Homestead area and have a print out of that.
Re: Oram Homestead
November 29, 2003 03:22PM
Correction on the address. It is 1855-57 Euclid.
The Orams on the Murphy-Bolanz pages are S. W. Oram, C. B. Oram, John E. Oram, W. S. Oram and M. L. Oram.
Thanks for any other sources.
Bill Ferris
Re: Oram Homestead
November 30, 2003 04:22PM
You could try Jim Wheat's website:
Enter "oram" in his search engine at the top of his website. It seems to return a few dozen results from 1885-1930.
Bill V
Re: Oram Homestead
December 01, 2003 12:18AM
Jeanette, were you aware of Oram St running
east-west between Greenville and Abrams?
Another source you should try is the central
Re: Oram Homestead
December 01, 2003 08:38AM
Thanks for the URL and other info. Of course, I should have gone to Jim Wheat's. Great guy to get info from!
I think I listed a John E. Oram as one of the Orams. I went to the Library several times (7th floor). In fact when researching Street of Dreams, I felt I lived there.
I looked up Oram in the different Worley City Directories but none came up living on Euclid at Alta. I live in East Dallas not far from Oram St. and in fact my ex mom in law had a business at 6270 Oram for many years, Grace Crumpler Secretarial Service. I have driven the length of Oram from Lakewood to Greenville many, many times. Will keep looking for the elusive Oram Dairy Farm. Thanks again.
Re: Oram Dairy
December 01, 2003 12:48PM
In reviewing these posts, have we looked through the Worley's for the Oram Dairy itself? That property was developed in 1926.
Re: Oram Dairy
December 01, 2003 03:05PM
On the Sanborn Maps for 1922; volume 3., Apartments are shown at Euclid & Alta Sts. (1855-57).
I lived on Oram for a few years. I was always under the impression that the Dairy Farm was closer to La Vista & Lewis Streeets. Just about 1/2 mile West from that corner.
I can't find anything on-line however, to back up my thoughts! I do find an Oram family on Lewis on the 1920 census, near Mecca St.
Hope this helps smiling smiley
Jim Wheat
Crystal & Creekmore Dairies, 1920
December 01, 2003 07:15PM
1920 Worley's Dallas city directory:
Oram, Bessie, houses w/Mrs. S. H. Oram
Oram, Edwin, engineer @ Dalas P & L Co.; houses w/Mrs. S. H. Oram
Oram, Ida V. (widow of Chas. B.), clerk @ Dallas P & L Co.; residene: 226 S. Edgefield ave.
Oram, John, engineer @ Dallas P & L. C.; houses w/Mrs. S. H. Oram
Oram, Marguerite; householder @ 226 S. Edgefield ave.
Oram, Russia B. (c), rooms @ 2604 Flora
Oram, Ruth (c), employee @ Oriental Laundray; rooms @ 2604 Flora
Oram, Sarah H. (widow of John M.); residence: Greenville ave., southeast corner Mockingbird Lane
[no listing for Oram Dairy]
Creekmore, Mrs. Dovie E. (D. E. and J. A. Creekmore); householder @ 6030 Oram
Creekmore, D. E. and J. A. (Mrs. D. E. and J. A.), dairy, 6030 Oram
Creekmore, John A. (D. E. & J. A. Creekmore); householder @ 6030 Oram
Creekmore, John W.; residence: 6030 Oram
Crystal Dairy, I. E. Wilkes, proprietor, east side Richardson Pike; 2 [blocks] north of Marquette (sic)
Wilkes, Burton E., clerk @ B. F. Avery & Sons Plow Co.; residence: east side of Richardson Pike; 2 [blocks] north of Marquita.
Wilkes, Irwin E., proprietor Crystal Dairy; houses w/B. E. Wilkes
Street directory section:
Begins at intersection of Richard and Greenville ave, extends north
east side: Tucker, S. M.
es: Mowat, A. G.
es: Crystal Dairy
Wilkes, B. E.
es: Crutcher, Roy
es: Wilson, J. H.
es: Wilson, Horace
es: Smith, Geo.
es: Porter, W. R.
ns: Williamson, Carter
ws: Lucas, J. C.
ws: Hoffman, C. K.
ws: Combs, W. W.
ws: Byrun, L. A.
Begins Sears, 2 blocks west of Greenville ave., extends
north to begin Alta
1803: Provence, S. W.
1805: Heatherington, R. F.
Walker, J. D.
1817: Hughes, Q. H.
1819: Stone, J. L.
Walker, J. W.
1821: Sigler, A. Y.
1827: Hunt, E. S.
1829: Ayres, Frank
1833: Vacant
1837: Whatley, H. B.
1841: Davis, J. N.
1845: Morrison, Mrs. E. H.
1849: Batey, B. F.
1851: Morrow, R. E.
Alta intersects
2050: Kiowski, John
Begins @ Greenville ave., 4th street north of Ross ave.,
extends eastward 6 blocks:
5741: Storey, F. B.
Matilda intersects
5814: Donnell, W. H.
rear: Vacant
5828: Cotton, E. R.
5900: McGhee, C. C.
5901: Vacant
5904: Willbarger, A. E.
5906: Stover, C. B.
6000: Calhoun, Philo
6030: Creekmore, J. W.
Creekmore, D. E. & J. A.
6050: Merrick, Tom
6105: DeFord, J. C.
6713: Cunningham, A. P.
east end: Cranfill, Jr., T. E.
Business listings:
Creekmore, D. E. & J. A., 6030 Oram
Crystal Dairy, east side of Richardson Pike; 2 [blocks] north of Marquita
Ask Commissioner
To Investigate
County Commissioner Jim Miller was appealed to Thursday morning to see what
can be done in opening certain streets in the Oram addition, northeast of
Dallas. It is alleged the streets were dedicated to the public; that many
lots in the addition were sold, and that the purchasers have closed the
streets and have planted various vegetables on the lot. Mr. Miller expects
to take the matter up with the commissioners court and then with the county
attorney. The addition is outside the city limits.
- September 24, 1914, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 11, col. 3.
Re: Crystal & Creekmore Dairies, 1920
December 01, 2003 07:52PM
Thanks Master Wheat!
Creekmore must be the dairy I knew of. I lived at 5930 Oram and thought it was directly behind me taking up most of LaVista & Lewis Streets.
Our building was built in 1930. Very interesting!
Interesting... it's amazing! Jim Wheat's resources, coupled with his own resourcefulness, are what keep me coming back to read this board. Jim, I know we always enjoy your sleuthing.
His site is amazing.
Thanks, Jim.
In your dairy listings you showed a J.C.Lucas. I believe it might have been the dairy that was located south of Mountain Creek Road along about where Westmoreland goes through now and east toward Hampton Road. They were located there in the late 20s and early 30s.
Jim Wheat
Dallas Area Dairies, 1920, 1927 & 1933-34
December 02, 2003 06:44PM
Those listings under Richardson Pike include residents and businesses. My mistake for not clarifying that. Crystal Dairy appears to be the only dairy on the Pike in '20.
I didn't find the Lucas dairy you mentioned listed in the 1920 Worley's.
Dallas Area Dairies, 1920, 1927 & 1933-34
1920 Worley
Dear Jim Wheat and others:
Many, many thanks for the info. I had looked at several Worley City Directories but had found no listing for the 1855-57 Euclid as being Oram's homestead nor Oram's Dairy.
Will talk with the couple who live at the Euclid house again. I think they were most disappointed that it was not THE Oram house. But truth is better than error, methinks!
Thanks again for all the help. I've been busy on other projects and didn't get back to this until today.
You all are such a great help.
Re: Oram Dairy
December 04, 2003 07:22PM
The original Oram homestead was located at Federal and Bullington Sts.in downtown Dallas. I have a picture of it hanging in my living room painted by Robbie Oram whom I have known for years. My father purchased part of this property from Sarah Oram (one of the heirs)and ran his automobile service business there until he died in 1962. John Oram (one of the sons) also had another beautiful home which took in the entire block 5700 Winton (north side) Greenville Ave to Matilda (west & east side) and Mockingbird Lane in the rear. I visited there many times with my mother years ago. It now consists of a shopping center on the entire property.
The Oram family was a large family so they had numerous houses in Dallas. But why not go straight to the horse's mouth and get all the correct facts.Robbie Oram Jaggi still lives in Dallas. She has remarrried after her husband Lewis Jaggi passed away. I do not remember her new husband's name, but I know where she lives, and if you are still interested in this, I will stop by and have her get in touch with you. Just let me know. Gladys Nelson Pully
Re: Oram Dairy
December 04, 2003 07:59PM
Everybody write down her E-mail address! She has clout!
Thank you, Gladys.
Re: Oram Dairy
December 06, 2003 08:29AM
Hi Gladys:
Oh thank you so much. And I enjoyed interviewing you for the "Lakewood - Memoirs and Spirit" book. Three pictures you furnished are in the book of you and others in connection with your interview. And yes, I would love to talk with Robbie Oram Jaggi. I'll email you my phone #. Thanks again for the information on the Oram homestead (and the interview).
Re: Oram Dairy
December 15, 2003 04:27PM
To Gladys Nelson Pully -- your message about the Oram dairy brought back many memories. My dad had just one job in his working career and that was at the First National Bank. I remember going to town on the street car after school (Lipscomb, Long, Woodrow)for music lessons or whatever. When I was ready to go home I would go into the bank and wait for Dad, and we would walk past the Dallas Dispatch-Journal over to Bullington and Federal where Dad parked his car every day - on the lot run by Mr. Nelson. My Dad parked there (any probably had his car serviced there for many years). Thanks for the memory
Re: Oram Dairy
December 16, 2003 09:08AM
To Jack Smith: Nice to hear from someone who remembered my father's parking lot and auto service on Federal & Bullington St. This was originally named "Cottage Lane" when the Oram homestead was there in the late 1800's. Yes, I can remember the Dallas Dispatch being across the street. My mother used to warn me about walking on that side of the street as a lot of the newspaper men used to stand around outside and smoke. Do you remember "Mary's Cafe" on the corner of my father's business? It was run by a Greek man named Nick Kotsiones and his wife Mary. They served great home cooked food, and had a window on the back side where the black folks could get the same food, but had to eat outside. Jim Crow laws in those days! I became a close friend to their daughter, Angel, and we have remained friends for over 65 years now. She married a promient Tyler business man and still lives in Tyler. Her husband died a year ago after fifty years of marriage. Also, did your Dad know James Mabry Short who worked all his life at First National Bank. He was my neighbor across the street on Llano. Gladys Nelson Pully
Re: Oram Dairy
December 17, 2003 01:18PM
To Gladys Nelson Pully - Thanks for the reply. I don't recall Mary's Cafe - but I do know the name Mabry Short. I can't remember how he looked, but the name certainly rings a bell. Where on Llano did you live? My best friend in Long/Woodrow and for all the years after, until his death in 2000 was, Gene McGarrah who lived at 6223. I still see his widow and daughter/her family.
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