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Creating Permanent Jobs in America

Posted by Stanley Mathis 
Thank you for your interest in this article about an idea of mine that I hope will give you a better insight on the kind of man I have grown up to become in the last fifteen years, since my release from federal prison. I'll start by telling you about, when, in 1988, and only months after my release, a Jewish friend of mine introduced me to this fellow from Rehovot, Israel, by the name of Sam Hezi, aka. Shmuel Hezi, his real name, and Sunny Hays, the name he has performed under as a singer, songwriter and producer in the State of Israel.
Sam, the night we met, asked to read a compilation of business strategies I was proposing to create jobs that would secure America's future for many years to come, as well as create job opportunities for ex-cons like myself. One strategy inparticular, I titled, "Project Safer America," (which I wrote the Sr. President Bush about in 1991, and received a very favorable response of its viability from the U.S. Department of Labor's Administartor of Strategic Planning and Policy Development, Mr. Raymond J. Uhalde) is where I theoretically consolidated the real estate industry for the purpose of creating one corporate entity name The Landlords Association of the United States in America to manufacture and lease the state of the art in electronically tracable home furnishings, consumer electronics and appliances throughout every community in the country. A concept that encourages investments from American citizens, nationwide, while promoting the use of the properties, always, and discouraging burglaries and the fencing of such tracable properties with criminals, and pawn shop owners. A plan that could ultimetely be implemented around the world.
After reading my jobs creating plan, the night we met, Sam said to me, "Stanley, this is a book you've written. You should write poetry. If you write poetry, you will become a great poet." I had never written a poem before in my life. But today, Yahoo and Google.com, the king of search engines, are indexing my website, Poetry Renaissance, in the #1 "Position of Relevancy" on keyword phrases like "creating jobs in america, america creating jobs, creating jobs america, creating jobs throughout america, creating permanent jobs throughout America, the most historic autograph in the world, the most historic poets in the world, the highest achievers and contributor to American society, most historic notable Americans in Dallas, most historic notable Americans, autographs by great poets, autographs by legendary poets, autographs by historic poets, best collect investment gifts, world's most historic autograph, world'a most historic autograph" and over (60) more such like keyword phrases.
My bio is listed in the 2002 Edition of Marquis Who's Who in America, the 2001-2002 Edition of Lexington Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals, the 2003 Edition of Manchester Who's Who of Executives and Professionals, the 2003 Edition of America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals, the 1992-93 edition of Marquis Who's Who Among Young American Professionals, as well as The International WHO'S WHO Hisitorical Society of Professionals.
I hold an invitation from Jack Anderson, who sits as the Chairman of the Board, to join the International Platform Associetion, the oldest, and one of the most prestigious and influential international associations in the United States. And I was voted one the "Best Poets" of the 20th century.
You can learn more about me by visiting my website at:
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